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                                                                                            Photos by Bruce Fisher

xxxxxxxx            SILVER  STRIDER OF THE YEAR

The Silver Strider magazine’s highest honor is “Silver Strider of the Year”. We have given this award to the Silver Strider who personifies  sportsmanship, inspiration, camaraderie, and willingness to serve others. Participation in Silver Strider programs is not a requirement, but is certainly a consideration. This recognition began in 2015 and has continued each year.

        This award can only be attained one time. Here are the honorees.

Kaye V Ladd – 2016
Bruce Fisher – 2017
Charlea Sherman – 2018


Allen Walker – 2019
Karen Lichtenstein 2020








xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Sandra Madden Award

Sandra Madden completed all 29 races in the 2014-15 Grand Prix Series. This was the first time anyone had accomplished this feat. Sandra was awarded a special glass trophy in recognition of her dedication to the Series. It was announced that anyone duplicating this feat in the future would also receive a special trophy. It would be called the Sandra Madden Award. Here are the Sandra Madden award winners.

Sandra Madden
Patty Husko (left) and Steve Husko (center) both received the Sandra Madden award.
Nanci Larsen (left) received the Sandra Madden Award.
Judy Fisher (left) received the Sandra Madden Award.



                       xxxxxxxMr. and Ms. Grand Prix

Each year this title is bestowed on the man and woman who complete the most Grand Prix Series race during the year. Here are the honorees.

George Gonzales – Mr Grand Prix 2010                 
Judy Fisher – Ms Grand Prix 2010, 2018, 2019      
Holly Hall – Ms Grand Prix 2011 xxxx
Larry Larsen – Mr Grand Prix 2011, 2014



Dave Sherman – Mr Grand Prix 2012, 2013, 2014

Marsha Murray – Ms Grand Prix 2012, 2013,2020

Patty Husko – Ms Grand Prix 2016, 2019,2020

Steve Husko – Mr Grand Prix 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Sandra Madden Ms Grand Prix 2014

Edythe Hulet  Ms Grand Prix 2015

Jerry Dietrich – Mr Grand Prix 2019 

Nanci Larsen – Ms Grand Prix 2017 2020x








Steve Ramsdell Mr Grand Prix 2019
Nick Bailey  Mr Grand Prix 2020







Tiare Bailey Ms Grand Prix 2020











xxxxxxxCUThe Silver Strider 5k State Championship

The Silver Strider 5k State Championship offers the top runners in each age group, in the State of Washington, a chance to compete head to head, on the same course, under the same conditions. The Silver Strider Championship race for 2020 was canceled.  





xxxxxxxx                  xxxxxSUPER ATHLETES

This category was originally titled “Runner of the Year”. Our first winners of Runner Of The Year honors in 2013 were Judy Fisher and Bill Iffrig. Both posted world class times at all distances. In 2014 the winners were Judy Fisher and Joe Sheeran. Again in 2015, Judy and Joe won again.
At this point we realized that Judy Fisher and Joe Sheeran were going to win every year. We felt we should widen the award to include more top runners.
We decided to replace Runner of the Year with the Super Athlete award. We also decided to abandon plaques in favor of a more unique award, the Super Athlete Ring.
To gain Super Athlete status and a ring, athletes must be ranked in the TOP IO at all four distances at the end of the year.

2013 Runners of the Year – Judy Fisher and Bill Iffrig


2014 Runner of the Year – Judy Fisher (absent Joe Sheeran)


2015 Runners of the Year – Joe Sheeran & Judy Fisher
Pictured left to right: Mickey Allen, Ed Heckard, Judy Fisher, Carol Sexton, Kristen Mossman, Bob Hoekman, Sandra Madden, Dave Sherman and Arne Hales.


Pictured are left to right: Keith Lerew, Ed Heckard, Jerry Bronson, Donna Jackson, David Crawford, Kristen Mossman, Mickey Allen, Judy Fisher, Sandra Madden, Carol Sexton, Dave Sherman, Jess Del Bosque and Doug Beyerlein.







                         Should you retire at 80?
Here are Washington runners who answered “No”.

Washington’s All Time TOP IO Silver Striders
5k Distance on a Certified Course
Independence Day Race excluded (Downhill)
Washington State Sr. Games (Integrity Issues)

All time WA 5k Top 10 for Men 80-84

1. Bill Iffrig   Fremont 5k                24:25
2. Bart Haggin Spokane                 27:55
3. Mark Stocklager Kent 5k          28:08
4. Richard Olafson Kent 5k          28:21
5. Rudy Gahler Tesoro 5k              28:40
6. Keith Wood FSRC Reso 5k      28:54
7. Peter Marshall Fowl Run         29:12
8. Jerry Dietrich Duvall 5k           29:48
9. George Murray Bank to Bay  29:58
10. Dallas Wylie Fowl Run              31:07

All time WA 5k Top 10 for Men 85-89

1. Rudy Gahler Tesoro 5k             29:44
2. Keith Wood Fall City                  31:54
3. William Weertman  86              35:06
4. Alberto Perez                                 35:24
5. George Murray Xmas Rush    38:26
6. Anders Jacobsen                          38:49
7. Jerry Dietrich Art Dash 5k     40:50
8. Walter Bender  85                        41:24
9. Lester Bradford Fowl Run       44:52
10. Al Rousseau                                   45:38

All time WA 5k Top IO for Men 90-94

1. Frank Danes 91   FSRC Reso   45:41
2. Rudy Gahler 90 Art Dash 5k  46:32
3. Roman King                                      49:40
4. John Cahill                                         50:51
5. Simy Magaway FSRC Reso      53:46
6. George Murray Kent 5k             53:51
7. Herman Diers Tac Turkey         58:40
8. Frank Hidaka                                    69:40


Rudy Gahler Age 90


Keith Wood at Age 80


Frank Danes at Age 94


Frank Danes Age 93









 – Rudy Gahler is the only 85 year old runner to break 30 minutes. 
 – An amazing performance by Keith Wood is his 4:18:36 marathon at 80.
 – Frank Dane’s 45:41 edges Rudy Gahler for the top spot in M90-94. With his time of 46:32 Rudy joined Frank becoming the only two men over 90 to break 49:00 minutes.
 – Congratulations to Rudy Gahler and George Murray for making all three lists.

 – Will we be adding a 95-99 list in the future? 




All time WA 5k Top 10 for Women 80-84

1. Louise Mihay Runderland 5k 31:00
2. Barbara Macklow Tesoro      32:40
3. Sue Stipe Cornucopia 5k       34:06
4. Sally Krie Christmas Rush    40:25
5. Matsue Watanabe 83             41:10
6. Dolores Njos  83                         43:12
7. Solveig Beck   83                        43:27
8. Gail Everett                                   43:31
9. Molly Childs  NODM               43:37
10. Chloe Parr    Turkey  Trot   43:46

All time WA 5k Top 10 for Women 85-89

1. Grace Nowicki 85                       41:24
2. Nelda Monteleone  87             44:01
3. Darlene Stats                                45:37
4. Toshiko Willgerodt  86            46:35
5. Barbara Macklow Tesoro      47:07
6. Chloe Parr  86  Run Scared   47:11
7. Ruth Douglas  87                        48:22
8. Inez West  86                                48:22
9. Jeanne Cline 85                           51:19
10. Genie McCorkle   85              52:03

All time WA 5k Top 10 for Women 90-94

1. Judy Baxter                                 58:40
2. Helen Hopkins                           61:27
3. Beryl Bucklin   91                      62:06
4. Norval Rhodes Fowl Run     63:18
5. Lenora Peterson  90                64:11
6. Mary Breivik  91                        67:55

Barbara Macklow, and Chloe Parr are the only women to make 2 lists.

 Barbara Macklow (82)


Chloe Parr at Age 91










One of the most exciting chapters in Silver Strider history was the formation of TeamSilver. The Rhody Run in Port Townsend was a challenging 12k and part of the Grand Prix Series schedule. It was a favorite among many of the Series participants. The race sponsor, Jefferson Health Care offered “The Jefferson Cup” as a prize for team competition.

Before 2015, the Jefferson Health Care team had won the cup every year. That year however the Silver Striders decided to field a team comprised of some of the top runners in the state.

Standing Left to right – Dave Anderson, Nick Bailey, Arne Hales, Betty Dietrich, Larry Larsen, Nanci Larsen, Roger Dean, Chloe Parr and Nora Collings. Kneeling left to right – Jerry Dietrich, Tiare Bailey, Molly Childs and Judy Fisher.

Some of the team members had been doing the Rhody Run for many years and were familiar with the difficulties presented by the big hills and the May heat. Chloe Parr and Jerry Dietrich declared this race their all time favorite. Dave Anderson, Nora Collings and Judy Fisher had done the race numerous times. Additionally, three of the team members held course records.

Judy Fisher held the course record for Women 65-69.
Judy Fisher also held the course record for Women 70-74. 
Chloe Parr held the course record for Women 80-84 and possessed 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze medals from past efforts.
Jerry Dietrich held the course record for Men 80-84 and possessed 2 Gold medals.

The team looked very strong on paper although someone remarked that having 13 runners on the team was bad luck. The five highest finishers would determine our points.

When the race was over, the team had won 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze to win the Jefferson Cup by a wide margin over the defending champions.

When the Silver Striders were announced as the winners, cheers broke out and hugs were shared by the team members.

In 2016 so many Silver Striders joined the team that we decided to enter two teams. A Men’s and a Woman’s.

Once again Silver Striders overwhelmed the competition finishing 1st and 2nd. This win was met with a little less enthusiasm because it was expected.

Jefferson Health Care decided to retire the cup to the Silver Striders ending the team competition marking the finish of a brief but exciting Silver Strider foray into team competition.



TxxThe Battle Of The Boomers 2015-18

Historically, The Battle Of The Boomers was the most popular Silver Strider event among top athletes over 50. This was probably due to the generous prize money and the prestige of being recognized as a top athlete. The top six ranked runners in each age group were invited to participate in this competition which spanned three years.

The brainchild of Dennis Zaborac, the race sponsor, the Boomer Races were an immediate success. Each age group battle was incorporated into a popular existing race over a period of two years. The “Final Battle” included all previous entrants who competed on an age graded basis.












          xxxxxThe Final Battle – Who Won?


by Dennis Zaborac
with photos by Bruce Fisher


After nearly two years to the date, on July 15, 2017, the final “Battle of the Boomer’s” race returned to the course where the series originally started, the Kent Cornucopia 5k. Under a warm and sunny day, fifty-two Boomer’s lined up to compete for the title of “Best of the Boomers” in an age-graded competition for money and trophies.

At age 68, I was pretty much in the middle of the Boomer’s demographics, where the youngest runner was 50 year’s old and the oldest competitor was 88 year’s old. I had no delusion of winning it all. Like most of the runners, I was out to run my best, maybe taking down one or two in my age group, and hoping to land in one of the lucky spots paying $100.

At the start line, a small group of the fastest “ purple shirts” formed near the front. The rest were scattered further back among all the other runners. I slipped into the middle of the pack, thinking those in front of me would pull me along, while those behind me would push me forward. That, of course, didn’t happen. The ones ahead of me took off, and the ones behind me trampled me.

In an age-graded competition, it is impossible to know from your position in the race who is actually winning. It comes down to how far ahead of you is that 50-year-old kid. And how close behind you is that 80-year-old man. You are basically left to running against yourself. You push yourself to the limit and hope for the best. Still, that competitor in you will never go away.

While running, I still found myself trying to guess the age of any “purple shirt’ near me. When I passed someone, I took a good look to see if they were younger than me, and when someone passed me, my confidence would drop if they looked older than me.

All along the course, Boomers were passing each other. To spectators along the course, it must have seemed like the purple wave of a UW football game. Only, no one was passing footballs.

Trying to keep track of 52 runners while you are running in a regular race is a challenging task. Trying to keep track of 52 runners in an age-graded race is an impossible task. Like all the other runners in the Boomer race, when I crossed the finish line I had no idea of who had won or how I had fared. All I knew was that It would take awhile to calculate who had the best age-graded time and determine a winner.

However, as I looked around at my Boomer competitors, and saw the health they had, the camaraderie they shared, and the smiles on their faces, I immediately knew who had won.

We had all won.

We were winners long before we even stepped up to the start line of the Cornucopia 5K. We had the credentials to prove it. We had the purple shirts. We were the best in our age groups, and by some means, through the decades, had found a way to outrun “father time” and remain active and healthy well into our senior years.

In age graded, any age can win money.

1st Joe Sheeran 59, 17:29 $500 + Trophy

2nd Jane Treleven 68, 22:51 $300 + Trophy

3rd Patricia Warner 71, 23:49 $200 + Trophy

10th John O’Hearn 55, 18:18 $100

20th Keith Lerew 59, 19:51 $100

30th Dave Sherman 63, 21:39 $100

40th Louise Mihay 76, 32:57 $100

50th Chloe Parr 88, 53:24 $100

2nd to last Jerry Dietrich 83, 41:09 $ 50

The Agony and the Ecstasy

****Note from the sponsor****

I want to thank all of you for participating in the Boomer series, and I want to thank Betty and Jerry Dietrich and the Silver Striders for making it happen. My intent was to bring the best of the best together and put a face to the names on the Top Ten Lists. In so doing, I believe we have brought the state’s running community a little closer together.

I hope to see you all at the start lines of races for years to come.

Dennis Zaborac


   One year later the competitors returned for the “Final Battle Part 2”.



TxxxxThe Results Of The Final Battle of the Boomers – Part II

July 14, 2018 – Kent, WA

After three years of competition, Jane Treleven, age 69, has emerged as the Battle of the Boomers Champion. Jane got up from a sickbed to compete in the first Final Battle and still finished 2nd. This time she was in top form.

Her World Class age graded score of 92.7 was by far the dominate performance of the entire Series.

Here are the results showing the winners. The performances were amazing. The age group winners crowned State Champions at the Cornucopia 5k were true champions of their age divisions.



The Battle of the Boomers series was the created and funded by Dennis Zaborac, a true patron of the running world.

                  Boomers Final Battle Part II Winners on July 14, 2018

Here is tHere is the final wrap-up for the Battle of the Boomers 2015-18

The total prize money won In all Boomer Races was as follows:

1. Jane Treleven$700
2. Joe Sheeran $500
3. Carol Sexton $340
4. Louise Mihay $310
5. Pat Warner $200
5. Mark Billett $200
5. John OHearn $200
8. Ed Heckard $150
9. Dave Sherman $130
10. Keith Lerew $120
11. Judy Fisher $100
11. Regina Joyce $100
11. David Crawford $100
11. Chloe Parr $100
11. Kristen Mossman $100
11. Richard Olafson $100
11. Arne Hales $100
11. Bryan Sepal $100
11. Barb Bumann $100
11. Larry Glenn $100
22. Jerry Dietrich $80
23. William Waters $70
24. 13 Runners $50
25. 11 Runners $40
26. 10 Runners $30
27. 9 Runners $20
28. 7 Runners $10
Total Prize Money $5,640

Top Battle of the Boomers performances age graded


Jane Treleven 92.70
Joe Sheeran 90.57
Pat Warner 89.83
Judy Fisher 89.57
Mark Billett 87.58
Carol Sexton 86.70
Gail Hall 86.17
Regina Joyce 85.38
David White-Espin 85.23
Lisa Knoblich 84.90
David Longmuir 83.85
John OHearn 83.80
Carol Grisso 83.63
Kristen Mossman 83.52
David Crawford 82.83

Donna Jackson 82.34
Becky Backstrom 82.31
Kent Sizer 81.06
Denis Villeneuve 80.60
Doug Beyerlein 80.04

Dennis Zaborac presents the Championship trophy to Jane Treleven





                                                       Carol Sexton receives 2nd place Championship trophy and Most Improved trophy from Dennis Zaborac