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AskedYou Asked For It!

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Our newest featured article Is “You Asked For It!” with Karen Lichtenstein. Karen will be interviewing Silver Striders detailing interesting achievements. Enjoy facts and tips the runner will share with us.

If you have heard of an interesting Silver Strider achievement and would like to find out more about it, contact Karen at “You Asked For It!”.

       Our November interview is with Louise Mihay.

Karen: Congratulations on your outstanding time of 31:01 in the Renton Parkrun. You improved your time from the Kent Cornucopia 5k by 45 seconds. You are in first place in the “All time Washington 5k TOP 10″* for women 80-84. No one is even close to your times!

Louise: I think there is a reason for my good fortune. For the past 26 years I’ve attended a women’s fitness class offered by the city of Olympia three days a week. We use hand weights, steps, bands and mats. We do aerobics and core work every class. 

Karen: You have always been a very fast runner, and I can remember races in which you passed me easily. Now you are setting amazing records with your times. I think that the Silver Striders would like to know the secrets to your success. How much do you train each week with running, walking, and hiking?

Louise: After my fitness classes, I run 1.5 miles along the boardwalk. On the week of a race with the Silver Striders, I increase my run on Wednesday to 3 miles. That’s all the running I do.

Every Thursday I hike with the Golden Gliders year round. The hikes are about 5 to 12 miles and the elevation gain is up to 3,000 feet in season.

And, I walk my dog half a mile daily. It’s his fault that the walk is short.

Karen: Do you adhere to a special diet?

Louise: As for food, I have fruit at every meal and a vegetable salad with every dinner.

Karen: What are your goals for the upcoming year? You have accomplished so much, and I know that people would appreciate anything you are willing to share.

Louise: My goal for the coming year is to stay as active as I am now. I strive for moderation.

*see Hall of Fame – Enduring Athletes Top 10

xxxxxxxxHere are results for Louise since she turned 80.

Cornucopia 31:46xxxRunderland 31:07xxxxPark Run 31:01xxxxxxxFly 31:31xxxxxxxxxScared 31:47

xxxxxxxxxxFramed photos by Bruce Fisher