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AskedYou Asked For It!

xwith Karen Lichtenstein

Our newest featured article Is “You Asked For It!” with Karen Lichtenstein. Karen will be interviewing Silver Striders detailing interesting achievements. Enjoy facts and tips the runner will share with us.

       Our May interview is with Ed Heckard

May – 2022

Karen: Congratulations on winning the Silver Strider 10k State Championship for your age group. You have been an outstanding runner at all distances, and you achieved Super Athlete status three years in a row. Please describe your training routine, miles per week, and other exercises that help you prepare for races. 
Ed: Here is my typical weekly training & exercise routine:
Monday: 11:30 – Meet with 4-5 runners at Everett Memorial Stadium for 8.5-mile tempo run.
Tuesday: 8:10 – 9:30 – At home ‘Hour of Power’ – Squats, Lunges, Pushups, Heel Raises, Stretching, Step-Ups, Light (5-8 lb.) handheld weights for 5-6 minor strength training exercises.
Wednesday: 11:30 – Meet with 6-8 runners at Everett Memorial Stadium track for (6) 800M Intervals w/400M easy lap between.

Thursday: Same ‘Hour of Power’ as Tuesday.
Friday: 9:30 – Meet with my Coach, Doug Beyerlein, in either Mill Creek or Everett Memorial Stadium. We do a mixed bag of workouts. If in Mill Creek we often do hill repeats followed by an easy 6-mile run through the neighborhood. If at Stadium we’ll be on track doing maybe (10) 300’s (with ease & grace) or (4) mile repeats (ugh) or perhaps a ladder of 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 800, 600, 400, 300, 200.
Saturday: 8:00 – Heaven help me, I’m on my own. Workout based on what went on with Coach Beyerlein the day before. If we ran in Mill Creek, I jog 1.5-miles to Jackson High School Track for (2) 800, (4) 400 & (6) 200. Intensity level not nearly as high as Wednesday’s 800’s. If Coach & I did track work on Friday, I run a slow-paced 9-mile loop in the area.
Sunday: Off
Mileage per week only averages around 28. Later this summer I will need to increase my mileage if I hope to complete a marathon in the fall.

Karen: What are your goals for the year?
Ed: My goals for 2022 are:

  1. Earn Silver Strider Super Athlete Award
  2. Set Age Group 5K Record at Washington State Senior Games
  3. Compete well at Kent Cornucopia 5K
  4. (1) Goal reached. Breaking 24 minutes in a 5K (23:35 at a Renton Parkrun)

Karen: Which of your running achievements pleased you the most?

Ed: In 2016 running Boston Marathon Qualifying Time at Capital City Marathon (ran Boston in 2017); Close 2nd, also 2016, setting Washington State Senior Games 5K Age Group Record.

Karen: What is your favorite race?

Ed: Although I haven’t run it since 2018, Kent Cornucopia 5K is a race I look forward to. In the past it has been the Silver Strider 5K State Championship Race. I have not had good results at Cornucopia. That doesn’t detract from the camaraderie and upbeat atmosphere permeating through the multitude of runners at this event.

Karen: Is there anything else you would like to tell the Silver Striders?

Ed: Many of you know my Coach, Doug Beyerlein. He’s been working with me for 16 months. We’re working on several things including posture (impossible task) and to ‘stop scuffing my feet’. His biggest help is sometimes taking time away from his workout to run with me during our Monday & Wednesday sessions. Believe me, there’s no better training than running with a faster runner who’s encouraging you to pick it up a little.
Silver Striders…love it! I am the organization’s north end ambassador. As runners we are fortunate to have Jerry and Betty residing in the Puget Sound region. Thanks to the many volunteers who assist with the myriad of duties required to keep Silver Striders rolling along!