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AskedYou Asked For It!

xwith Karen Lichtenstein

Our newest featured article Is “You Asked For It!” with Karen Lichtenstein. Karen will be interviewing Silver Striders detailing interesting achievements. Enjoy facts and tips the runner will share with us.

If you have heard of an interesting Silver Strider achievement and would like to find out more about it, contact Karen at “You Asked For It!”.

       Our February interview is with Kent Sizer

February – 2022

Karen: Congratulations on your outstanding race times in 2021. In the Pacific Runderland 5k, you achieved a National Class time of 19:33 for an age graded rating of 85.63%. We would like to know more about the factors that contributed to your success.
Please describe your training program, and which elements seem to help the most?

Kent: At the time of the Pacific Runderland 5K, I was beginning the taper phase of training for the Twin Cities marathon. Curiously, I had run 24 miles on Monday. My marathon training plan includes 2 speed workouts of intervals on Tuesday and 100 meter strides on Thursday, with a long slow distance run on Saturday. In between are recovery runs of 4 to 8 miles or “active rest” days of 4 miles at a relatively low heart rate. The long runs started at about 10 miles in the beginning of the 4 month period and built up to the 24 miles mentioned earlier. The speed sessions probably contributed most to the success at Pacific Runderland, in spite of me skipping or reducing many speed and recovery sessions. The heat wave in June did not help.

Karen: In addition to your training, do you have a special diet or some approach that helps you improve your racing?

Kent: No special diet or cross training to help improve. We do keep a fairly balanced diet, and I keep active with yard work or projects around the home.

Karen: Do you have some training tips for the rest of us?

Kent: Consistency is probably the best tip for training. Never too much or too little any week, with gradual increases in either distance or speed work.

Karen: Do you have any goals for 2022?

Kent: So far no goals for 2022 other than doing well in the Silver Strider series.

Karen: Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Kent: Pacific Runderland was one of the Tortoise and Hare series races that I looked forward to competing in. We had only 2 other commitments, Twin Cities marathon October 3 and Thanksgiving in Jacksonville Florida. That included seeing our 3 month old granddaughter. We decided to drive and I schemed to run 3 more marathons about every other week which would qualify for level 3 Marathon Maniac. The marathon training plan worked well for the Twin Cities marathon with some left over for IMT Des Moines, Garmin Olathe (Kansas City) and Route 66 in Tulsa. Although I missed the remaining races in the Tortoise and Hare series, I won the 65-69 age group in each marathon.