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xxxxxxYou Asked For It!

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Our new featured article Is “You Asked For It!” with Karen Lichtenstein. Karen will be interviewing Silver Striders detailing interesting achievements. Enjoy facts and tips the runner will share with us.

If you have heard of an interesting Silver Strider achievement and would like to find out more about it, contact Karen at “You Asked For It!”.

       Karen’s December interview is with Sandra Madden

Sandy: Chasing the Boston qualifier.
Competitive racing as we knew it abruptly halted with the onset of COVID 19 pandemic. With every action there exists an equal reaction. Thus, for many runners, and definitely for me, those proud finish times and PR’s sadly dwindled. Fear of contracting the virus and lack of scheduled races adversely affected my competitive spirit. As life improved though, with masks and vaccines, the running world began moving from virtual races to the real deal. Not until I began participating in live races was I forced to face harsh reality.

I was running really slow! A stunning example of “use it or lose it!”

Being goal oriented, I realized I needed something significant and substantial on my calendar for motivation to improve my running times. Well, why not the Boston Marathon? I ran Boston in 2016 and 2019 so I believed this to be a reasonable goal. My plan was to run a monthly marathon. The first of four was in May in Utah. I’m choosing to pretend that race never happened. It was downhill both in course and my ability. I developed a right foot stress fracture afterwards, hobbling around in a boot for one month.

Karen: In spite of the stress fracture that disrupted your initial training schedule, you managed to run three more marathons. The Boston Marathon qualifying standard for women in the 70-74 age group is 4 hours and 50 minutes. What were your times in the three marathons and where were these marathons?

Sandy: In order to improve my Boston qualifying time I ran three more marathons in five weeks once I healed. My times are not close to my pre-pandemic results but I take pride in self-improvement. Tunnel Light September 12th in 4:46:28, Bellingham Bay September 26th in 4:43:43, and October 16th Snohomish River Run in 4:38:13. Since the BAA recently announced that every runner who submitted a verified qualifying time is assured entry, I could have stopped at the Tunnel!

Karen: Congratulations on qualifying for the 2022 Boston Marathon. How will you prepare for the 2022 Boston Marathon?

Sandy: I intend to train for Boston by running a marathon every month.

Karen: You mentioned that you are goal oriented, so please tell me your goals for the coming year.

Sandy: Goals for the coming year remain fluid depending on the new virus strain and travel. I’m returning to the workforce next week in an RN per diem capacity in Employee Health. I’ve been accepted into Chicago Marathon October 2022 and plan to submit my qualifying time for New York when registration opens in January. Fingers crossed for a Strider return to Vietnam in March. And Mt. Charleston in early April, that race has been deferred twice. The goal of my heart is to restore my marathon finishing time to pre-pandemic, perhaps even better!