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The Carnation Run For The Pies 5k



by David Longmuir
with photos by Bruce Fisher


.7/4/17 – Carnation

One of the benefits of running that many of us Silver Striders appreciate is that you burn lots of calories. And you have to replace what you burn. Waffles and whipped cream, burgers and beer, tofu and tempura—there are lots of options, some healthier than others. So when the opportunity arises to compete for dessert instead of yet another ribbon or trophy, it’s awfully tempting.

But of course one of the other things we runners most appreciate is a PR. And even though our absolute times may get slower as we age up, we can use age grading to improve our PRs every year. How cool is that?

Thus my quandary about racing on the 4th of July. The Silver Strider Grand Prix event scheduled for that day was the Point Ruston Independence Day 5K, which is a screaming fast, net downhill, point-to-point course. Last year, Silver Strider David Crawford calculated that racing the Point Ruston course subtracted well over a minute from the 5K time that he posted two weeks later on the flat course at Kent Cornucopia Days. The other option was to race in Carnation on the 4th, where each of the top three in every five-year age division wins a Remlinger Farms pie. Oh…the temptation, the temptation. Run to get a big PR? Or run to win a pie? Feed the ego? Or feed the belly? No contest for me and for over 600 others—run for pie!

Nichole Pitts – Race  Director

Nicole Pitts, the Run for the Pies race director, puts on a fantastic event. The course is USATF certified, pretty flat, and quite scenic. The 5K starts on the streets of Carnation, jumps onto the Snoqualmie Trail just before the second mile, loops into the new Tolt-MacDonald Park trail system, and then ends with a long half-mile straight run along the parade route on Tolt Ave to the finish. Nicole has recruited a large group of sponsors who supply lots of random prizes in addition to the pies. And she awards $150 cash to the first female and male open runners, plus $150 cash to the first super master (60+) female and male.

The Carnation Run for the Pies is a family event. 32 boys and 28 girls age ten and under ran, and many of them costumed up and participated in the parade after the race. And at the other end of the age spectrum, a large contingent of Silver Striders ran.

Female Silver Strider pie winners were Lisa Knoblich, Kristen Mossman, Susan Pappalardo, Gail Hall, Margie Cofano, Bonnie Schueler, Sarah Lamoree, Kristin Cernak, Kathleen Swanson, Joan Beyerlein, Susan Templeton, Lise Berger, Myra Goddard, Susan Silbernagel, and Abby Miske.

Male Silver Strider pie winners were Herbert Sitz, David Hurchalla, Lawrence Beck, Russ Otani, Cliff Richards, David Hames, Denis Villeneuve, John MacGilvra, Floyd Goolsby, David Longmuir, Doug Beyerlein, Mike Kamager, C. B. Crouse, Mike Harris, and John Moore.

Winners of the super masters’ cash prizes were Sarah Lamoree, age 63, with a 25:25.5, and Denis Villeneuve, age 60, with a 19:52.5.

Denis Villeneuve 1st Supermaster

After the race there was ample water and fruit, plus double bite-size portions of Remlinger Farms pies. Because of the large assortment of flavors, naturally I had to sample more than one. We runners gathered on the parade route for the awards and the random drawing, and it was a particularly festive scene because families were staking out their prime viewing spots and parade participants were queuing up. I got the certificate for my pie and hung around for the random drawing because Nicole was handing out great stuff: $50 gift certificates from several running stores, massage and spa coupons, restaurant coupons, and the like. Then as Nicole announced the very last random prize, she called my name and presented me with a bottle of champagne. A Remlinger Farms blackberry pie plus champagne–best replacement calories ever!





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