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Velichko Wins Again at The Foothills Dash

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                     The Foothills Dash 5k, 10k, and Half



by Dennis Zaborac
with photos by Bruce Fisher



On March 2, 2019, 142 runners lined up for a trio of races in Orting called the Foothills Dash. It was a sunny, but cold start for those who took on the 5k, 10k and half marathon races. The courses, described as “paved, and provides flat areas and easy slopes,” were all out and backs on a beautiful, forested trail that paralleled the Puyallup River.

The race setup was heaven to the 67 Striders who ran it. With three distances to choose from, there was an opportunity for 48 runners to win their age group and garner 10 points in the Grand Prix Series. In picking which distance to run, the important thing was not how well you trained, but how well you guessed which races the faster runners in your age group would run. Guess right, and you could choose a different distance from your competitors and steal 10 points. Many of the Striders did pick well and won first in their age group by being the only runner in their group.

The number of Striders who captured 10 points is too large to list, but there were exceptional runs by three individuals.

Silver Strider Igor Velichko 54, is the overall 5k winner at the Foothills Dash



Igor Velichko once again showed the young kids how it is done by being the overall winner in the 5k with a time of 18:59.

Judy Fisher showed us that she can limp faster than we can run by winning her age group with a bandaged foot.

And Molly Childs inspired us and grabbed 10 points while shepherding in the half marathon runners in her training run for an upcoming marathon at age 80.

While there were no age group awards for anyone, no one seemed disappointed. I think everyone appreciated the support and all the work the staff did to make the three races happen for such a small group of runners. There were only 13 runners in the half marathon, 50 in the 10k and 79 in the 5k.




The half marathon finishers did receive medals. Somehow, one of those rare medals made it around the neck of a very deserving, hard-working lady named Cynthia. She stood alone in the cold for hours handing out bananas and oranges to the finishers. She has never run a race and probably never will, but she was very thankful and proudly wore her medal as if she had won it at the Boston Marathon.


Overall the race was a fun time on a lonely road where the only spectator was a fenced in Australian emu near mile two. He was fenced in to give us runners a chance to win. Let him loose, and he would have won all three events back to back. Emu can run up to 30 MPH.


As for my race. I didn’t get the 10 points for winning my age group in the half marathon. I picked the wrong distance and came in last in my age group. I walked away with just a banana.


Editors note:  We had three more 2018-19 Grand Prix Series finishers at the Foothills Dash. They were Dale Hall, John Marsteller, and Sue Wirsch. Congratulations!

Dale Hall

John Marsteller

Sue Wirsch


                        Results in photos by Bruce Fisher

Silver Strider Half Marathoners gathered for an early start


After the race silver Striders gathered at the Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant to celebrate birthdays for Steve Ramsdell, Betty Dietrich and Jerry Bronson. (Restaurant photos by Steve Husko)






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