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                    The Tortoise and Hare Zoom Party

                                         By Betty Dietrich

When we came up with the idea of having a Zoom party to celebrate the Tortoise & Hare 5k awards & Potluck, we loved the idea but wondered how we would do it.  Neither Jerry nor I had the faintest clue on how to set it up.

Allen Walker, the Grand Prix Series Coordinator, came to our rescue.  He arranged the date and time, set up the invitation link, and managed the event from beginning to end.  Great job, Allen!

The party began at 11:00 am on Saturday, December 5th with Allen welcoming all the attendees to the party.  What fun it was to “see” and talk to our friends again after such a long absence! 

First on the agenda was an entertaining report about the Potluck Auction by Dave & Charlea Sherman.  They were disappointed that the annual Potluck wouldn’t be held this year.  While the two of them were sharing a beer, Charlea suddenly came up with the idea of holding a Potluck auction. 

Dave set up a spreadsheet to track the bids, while Charlea recruited runners to send in photos of their favorite food dishes.  Initially, they placed small bids on each item to get the momentum going but soon the auction got underway and bidding wars took place.  They had over 165 bids and raised $680 for the Silver Strider Rewarding Runners program! 

In addition to organizing and running the auction, the Shermans donated a $50 gift card for a drawing for those who participated in the event.  Dave drew the name of the winner out of a vintage running cup they had from a race they did years ago.  And the lucky winner was – Gretchen Ramsdell!

Dave announces the drawing winner!

Diane Martin, Grand Prix Series Party Chairperson, then displayed the Tortoise & Hare 5k trophies.  Diane ordered the trophies early in the year not realizing that the race would be changed due to the Virus shut down.  Hence, the trophies were dated, May 31st, 2020.  We all got a big laugh over that!  A fitting reminder that you never know what the future will bring.

Before Allen announced the winners of this year’s T & H 5k, Linda Walker read aloud the article I had written about the race.  A slideshow of this year’s participants was displayed on screen while she read the story.  

It was now time for the awards.  Allen used his expertise to display the results from the Silver Strider website as he announced the name of each runner.  Jerry did a good job of figuring out the handicap for each runner.  It was a close contest. 

Diane Martin took first place for the women.  Congratulations, Diane! 

Kent Sizer was the winner of the men’s division.  If this had been an actual race, Kent would have started in last place and passed every person in the field!

Kent Sizer

At the conclusion of the awards, Allen invited everyone to stay and visit as long as they liked.  It was a chance to enjoy each other’s company!  

Allen did an amazing job in organizing and hosting the T & H Zoom party!  Our thanks, Allen!  Let’s do it again! 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxComments from some of the partygoers

                                                           xxxKaren Lichtenstein I really enjoyed the Tortoise & Hare Zoom Party, and I agree that Allen did a great job of hosting the virtual awards party. It was so good to see other Silver Striders and enjoy the party together.

Dave Sherman’s description of the steps leading up to Charlea’s idea for the Potluck Auction was fascinating. It was fun to participate in the Potluck Auction, and I have some great new recipes to try out.

Also, thank you for explaining the date on the Tortoise & Hare trophies. I wondered why we turned back the calendar to May 31, 2020.

                                                          xxxxxDiane Martin  Yes, Allen did a fantastic job! The best part was just seeing Silver Strider faces again and hearing the voices of your running friends. It also went very smoothly thanks to Allen’s incredible talent. I did mention in a couple emails I sent out that Betty & Jerry did not do much talking and I wondered why?

Having Dave & Charlea’s summary along with the gift cert drawing was clever! I also enjoyed Linda’s read of your article Betty…it sounded even more relevant with Linda’s inflection.

Improvement would be more participation, but that may bring more tech challenge. I also wonder if Saturday for those who work may be more difficult to attend; would a mid-week evening zoom be better?

Of course nothing beats a physical get together but with a vaccine months away, another zoom get together may be helpful.

                                                              Nanci & Larry  Larsen

Larry Larsen

It was so good to see the Strider family faces again; it’s been too long. I don’t like seeing my ugly face on the screen, so I let the camera focus on Larry. I was somewhat surprised at some of the faces that were missing. I’m glad we can see and hear even if we don’t have a microphone to communicate back. I think that if we could continue to have Zoom meetings on a monthly basis it would instill our togetherness in our new race series and show our continued support for one another. It would be like a post race meal without the meal but with friends.
Just a thought,

                                                               xxxIsabelle Noiret  I think it was a lot of fun to see many of the Silver Striders doing well and running. I believe a couple of times a year could be a good thing especially for awards.

                                                           xxxAllen & Linda Walker Linda & I really enjoyed seeing everyone! We really miss the Silver Striders, so being able to meet with some on Zoom was really special.
One possibility for future Zoom get togethers, especially if races continue to be virtual, is to have “no host” Zoom meetings after each race.

Here are two scenarios:
For example, if a virtual race covers a few days (say Saturday and Sunday), a no host Zoom meeting could be scheduled in the evening of the final day of the race – in this case, Sunday evening.

If the virtual race is only one day, hold the no host Zoom meeting that evening.

Our thought is, having meetings in the evening might draw a larger crowd rather than meetings in the middle of the day; plus, this gives runners the entire day to finish their run before logging onto a meeting.

The idea is, just to have Silver Striders get together (online) after a race and chat about their run, or their day, or anything! It is a no host meeting because all that is needed is the link to the Zoom meeting… everyone just logs on and chats with whomever is on the Zoom meeting. (Note: The same Zoom link can be used for every get-together).

Anyway… it’s just an idea to bring people together often (once a month?) during a time when we can’t meet in person.

                                                            xxxNick & Tiare BaileyWe really enjoyed the opportunity to see everyone, but we wish more people had checked in. We didn’t know when to speak so we just kind of stared at the screen. Lol!

It would have been fun to see some pictures of SS’s at their virtual races or live races if they happened to find one. Scenery and SS photos.

Quarterly meetings might be nice. An overview would be helpful for people like me who are computer dummies. I did not know if everyone saw the same thing. Who determined the center of the screen, like did Allen zoom in on certain people.

Maybe I just need to research it myself. Thanks for getting this organized and keeping the group united.

                                                           Dave & Charlea ShermanWe enjoyed seeing everyone. Allen did a good job and the participants were all courteous and kept to the agenda. Your new web site conveys all of the information we need. Zoom meetings may be handy for committee meetings.

xxxLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoLouise Mihay  Regarding the Tortoise & Hare awards party:  How about in the future not posting the winners on the website until after the zoom meeting so runners would learn at the zoom meeting how well (or poorly in my case) they had done. 

As to the potluck, let the runners know in advance that there will be a very nice prize by lottery for all those who submitted a recipe and all those who made bids, but you have to be present to win.

I thought the party went smoothly and lasted just the right amount of time. 

I feel any future zoom meetings should revolve around events such as this one.

Thank you both for making this such a fun and caring organization.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxeJerry Dietrich  I bought a small microphone to use for this occasion. When Allen, Betty, and myself arranged a test for it’s use, I realized that I would be unable to participate due to my hearing loss. It’s not that the audio was bad, it was just me.

My sincere thanks goes to Allen for the way he took charge of this virtual get together. Without Allen there would not have been a Zoom Party.