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xxxThe Twisted Cider 5k

xxx Review by Nancy Larsen
with photos by Bruce Fisher

 The Twisted Cider had some good aspects, but a few not so good.  Since this was the inaugural run there were bound to be a few bugs to work out for future races.

The day started out at a nice temperature with some shade available, but still a lot of sun (but we can’t fault them for the heat). 

The race started in the orchard and then headed uphill from there.  There were many uphill portions to the race, which were not my favorite part.  It definitely lived up to the Twisted Cider name; lots of turns. There was a long uphill before you came to the end of the course which rounded a corner into the orchard. 

The course was a definite challenge.  I guess if you’re going to run a TCMA race don’t be surprised to find hills!  There were some beautiful views of the sound coming back downhill.

Parking was a good as could be expected at this location. 

There was some street parking available, a church parking lot next door to the orchard and a school a couple blocks down to capture the overflow.

Post race refreshments were provided, but this was the part that was more confusing.  They gave out huge pretzels and apple cider but the line was very long and only one person was handing out the food.  The pretzel station was located at the bottom of the hill from the finish line, but no one really directing the flow. 

You know TCMA is usually organized for post-race food, but I felt there was need for improvement.  I saw people with apples and oranges, but not sure when they got them.

We didn’t hang around for the awards portion; not sure if it was just ribbons or what.



XXX Review by Judy Fisher
xxxxxxx with photos by Bruce Fisher

The Twisted Cider 5k was a great race! Perfect weather; beautiful route near the water; great venue in the apple orchard; complimentary (huge) pretzels, apple juice, and apples; live music by Stan’s (runner) band;  unique pendants; and entertainment by ella-bella-bee (60-year-old stilt walker)!

I even met the Mayor of University Place! We didn’t stay for awards (headed home for the Birthday Boy’s 80th party).  It was a fun day!



Jerry’s notes:
Paul Smith, age 58, continued to be the fastest Silver Strider for 2022 as he tamed the hilly course in an amazing 18:01. Paul finished in 2nd place overall.

Congratulations also to Bruce Fisher on his 80th birthday. Bruce’s tireless devotion to the Silver Striders is amazing. His energy level is that of a man 20 younger. His photography and graphic art talents are the backbone of all Silver Strider magazine programs and projects.

Happy Birthday, Bruce!


xxx Results in photos by Bruce Fisher


Post race breakfast photos courtesy of Dave Anderson