The Tortoise and Hare Handicap 5k

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       The Tortoise and Hare Handicap 5k

by Keith Lerew
with photos by Bruce Fisher


12/4/21 – Renton

It was one of those mornings that you head out the door with a bit of foreboding, with temps in the 30’s, raining like crazy, road spray  and 1/2 mile visibility. This will be one of those runs that you must embrace the cold and miserable. 

Fortunately the Cedar River Trail was a perfect location for a wet start, with the massive I-405 overpass there was plenty of room to set up for the race and for everyone to hang out and get caught up on the latest news without getting wet. 

The volunteers for the free Park Run were amazing as they prepared for the race and gave the last minute instructions. The rain seemed to cooperate by backing off, (or was it because I wasn’t on I-5 with cars and road spray), but the weather wasn’t bad with the extra layers of clothes.

The Cedar River Trail is very similar to the Orting Foothills trail with the first half of the run going up river with some imperceptible elevation gain and much needed downhill on the return trip. 

Mitch Parker was off to a fast start and never let up, finishing first overall in 20:32, holding a 6:37 pace. Nicely done! If I get much slower Dennis Zaborac, who is running really well, will have my number.

The ladies have some serious competition going. I never thought I would see Judy Fisher being challenged but Karen Lichtenstein was on her heels right to the finish line with 1 second difference. I think it might have been closer than that.

The ‘nice’ award goes to Sandy Madden and Charlea Sherman, running shoulder to shoulder, – no you go first, no you go first, obviously different age groups.

It was great to see the hardiest of the Silver Strider family for the season finale and looking forward to another season. The biggest miss was our founding parents and much loved Jerry and Betty, wishing you the best. 


Jerry’s notes: xSilver Striders dominated the small field of runners at this event. Judy Fisher ran a National Class time of 29:20 (80.97% age graded). Running noteworthy Regional Class times were Karen Lichtenstein 29:21 (77.29% age graded), Mitch Parker 20:32 (77.27% age graded) and Dennis Zaborac 23:20 (76.79% age graded). Feedback on this race has been favorable.

Final Tortoise and Hare Series Results

Here are the official handicapped results for the 2021 Tortoise and Hare race. This is also the final results for the Series. An awards announcement will be forthcoming soon.
I had hoped that all men would finish under 21 minutes and women under 26.
Unfortunately some of us were unable to perform as hoped. I had an accident on November 2nd resulting in a broken bone in my right foot. I am thrilled that I was able to complete my 4th race. Some of our entrants weren’t so lucky and were only able to complete 2 races for various reasons.
Fortunately, most completed the required 4 or more of the races in the Series
and we had 29 Series finishers.
Congratulations to all finishers.


The men’s finish was incredible. The top 3 were fairly close and only 22 seconds separated 4th place from 8th.
Congratulations to Arne Hales for a winning effort.

1st place – Arne Hales 19:09
2nd place – Dennis Zaborac 20:20

3rd place – Jerry Bronson* 20:25
4th place – Dave Sherman 20:59
5th place – John Marsteller 21:07
6th place – Steve Husko 21:13
7th place – Keith Lerew 21:19
8th place – Ray Arrington 21:21
9th place – Robert Davies 22:48

10th place – Larry Larsen 15:52
11th place – Dave Anderson 15:54
12th place – Martinho Riberio 20:52
13th place – Jerry Dietrich 43:37

Karl Johnson (5 races)
Anthony McKay (5 races)

*series non finisher


Congratulations to Patty Husko, Judy Fisher and Karen Lichtenstein for super efforts.

1st place – Patty Husko 23:35
2nd place – Judy Fisher 24:50
3rd place – Karen Lichtenstein 25:06
4th place – Sandra Madden 26:37
5th place – Charlea Sherman 27:07

6th place – Tiare Bailey – 23:51
7th place – Gretchen Ramsdell – 26:30
8th place – Nanci Larsen – 28:04
9th place – Marsha Murray – 28:22

Edythe Hulet (5 races)
Diane Johnson (5 races)
Louise Mihay (5 races)
Marsha Murray (5 races)
Molly Childs (4 races)
Diane Martin (4 races)


Results in photos by Bruce Fisher

Renton ParkRun breakfast at the Whistle Stop Ale House (Husko photo)