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The Strawberry Short K 5k

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                     The Strawberry Short K 5k



by Edythe Hulet
with photos by Bruce Fisher

6/15/19 – Olympia

I woke up at 6:30 in a panic.  Today I have a race.  Then I remembered that the race start was 2.6 miles from my house.  That is a first.  So I had a leisurely breakfast and joined 58 Silver Striders at the race venue. The race began at 9 a.m. at the South Bay Grange. The weather was perfect, clear and in the 50s.


The route was flat. My kind of race.  It followed the road for about 1/2 mile and then onto the Chehalis Western Trail. Nice, paved and wide. Up to the turn, which seemed to come very fast, and then back the way we came.  Little orange cones marked our route. There were volunteers on the road and at all intersections holding up signs that said, “Runners on the road.”  Not much traffic came our way anyway.

Age brackets after age 50 were in 5-year increments.  I think most, if not all, of the awards for those over 50 were won by Grand Prix players.  This race was not scientifically timed.  When you crossed the finish line you looked at the clock and wrote down your time on a detachable piece of your bib which you then gave to the person doing the sorting. There was some confusion with the sorting as they got the women’s 75-79 and 80+ awards wrong. You got a bottle of water for your efforts


Winners of each age group received a coupon for a strawberry shortcake. The shortcakes would not be ready until noon so most people didn’t wait and some came back later. The shortcake servings were very generous and I’ve never had better.

There were many vendors selling various items but they did not arrive until long after the race was over..  Some items were hand made, some not. There was even someone advertising Value Village and giving out 20% off coupons. Costco was showing some items that didn’t require you buy a package.

There were many prizes given in random drawings. Steve Husko won a pair of running shoes.

Steve Husko


Jerry’s notes:
Unfortunately there was a computer malfunction and some of the results were inaccurate. Edythe and Bruce were at a disadvantage putting together a report. It was unfortunate because the Race Director wanted to be part of the series and did everything we asked.  Both Edythe and Bruce did an admirable job under the circumstances.

On the bright side we had 4 more Series finishers for 2019. Dennis Zaborac, Nick Bailey, Diane Martin, and Tiare Bailey all completed their 8th race. Steve Ramsdell became the latest member of the Century Club completing his 100th GP Series race.





Dennis Zaborac – 2019 Finisher

Nick Bailey – 2019 Finisher

Diane Martin – 2019 Finisher

Tiare Bailey – 2019 Finisher



























…. … Steve Ramsdell – Member of the Century Club     … … 100 Grand Prix Series Races


                         The Race Results in Photos by Bruce Fisher



 The Post race brunch held at the Mayan Mexican Restaurant in Lacey


Restaurant photos courtesy of Sandy Madden














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