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The Lake Union 10k

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                   The Lake Union IOK



By Diane Martin
with photos by Bruce Fisher


8/12/18 – Seattle

The day started well with cool temps in the low 60’s and overcast. An early start to Seattle provided smooth sailing into the City and easy parking in a small lot along Westlake Avenue N. Another welcome was a dime I found while exiting my vehicle. Such luck…the 10th annual 10K and here’s 10 cents to boot!!

This beautiful lake in the heart of the city shows off the surrounding city landscape. In certain areas, you can view the Space Needle and, of course, there are a couple of overhead cranes sitting idle on this Sunday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Lake Union 10K.

Lots of vendors have already set up their tents while runners check their gear at the environmentally conscience gear check, using paper not plastic bags. The star of the vendors is the “breakfast” set up provided by Portage Bay. You receive a warm welcome from the grills that are heating up to serve that most welcome treat following your race. The purple short sleeved shirt given at packet pick up was worth the cost of entry!

As I enter the festive atmosphere of enthusiastic runners, I spot a few Silver Striders. Always a nice welcome. And we were treated to pictures….check them out on the website, pics number 90-92…yea Striders! Lots of Silver Striders were missing this race; many traveled to the Columbia River Gorge to race in the Bridge of the Gods and several took on the long journey to Vietnam to run with special people…we wish them well!

Picture at 7:15 with our ever faithful photographer, Bruce…thank you! 7:30am came quickly and off we went clockwise around Lake Union. This run/walk travels along the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop Trail. The trail is named after a Duwamish Indian Chief from the 1800’s. We run along Westlake Ave. N and our first drawbridge crossing is the Fremont. Then we head north and turn a sharp right onto N. 34th, down to N. Northlake Way adjacent to Gas Works Park. There are a few short hills but nothing drastic with help from several downhill stretches. As we begin the northeast side we cross over University Bridge and onto the trail by East Ave. Then into mile 5 at Fairview Ave coming into the final stretch along Valley St. to the finish.

For a couple miles, I was in competition with Mad Dog Dean, but those “little” hills set me back. Roger was pleased with his time, 2 minutes faster than expected…good job! Plus another Strider, Phil, reached a PR and of course, no surprise, our Judy finished first in her division! Plus those crazy Huskos’ did the Galloping Gertie the day before and were “feeling it” following the race…what were they thinking!!

Crossing the finish to the warm welcome of breakfast: thick half slices of French toast, with several berry toppings and a large mound of whipped cream…can’t beat it! Well worth the trip to the Big City!

“A french toast factory” – Bruce Fisher

“Best post-race food on the planet” – Bruce Fisher


Elizabeth Miller loaded her plate

Phil Sturholm (left) and Steve Husko enjoy a laugh













                                          Notes from Jerry’s desk

Our race report author, Diane Martin, completed her 8th Series race at the Lake Union 10k. Congratulations, Diane! That brought us to a total of five finishers for the 2018-19 Series which began in May. There are 19 races left in the Series. If you haven’t completed any of the Series races yet, it’s time to get started. You only need to finish 8 Grand Prix Series races to share in the fun and prizes.

The most notable performance at Lake Union was by Judy Fisher. Judy has returned to form, posting a World Class time of 53:06 at age 74. It was a teriffic performance on a course with lots of turns and hills. Judy, in the photo below wearing the Silver Strider visor, gives a thumbs up as she nears the finish.

The top age graded man, Denis Villenueve continued to impress with a National Class time of 39:55 at age 60.












The first Silver Strider to cross the finish line at Lake Union was Dion Tucker, in 39:48.

The first Silver Strider woman was Danielle Morrow, in 45:17.

Race Director Ilana Balint, dispenses finisher medals.











               Race Results in photos by Bruce Fisher













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