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..                          The Fowl Run 5k



by Karen Lichtenstein
with photos by Bruce Fisher

11/7/19 – Mt. Vernon

The 41st Annual Fowl Fun Run was definitely worth the long drive to Mount Vernon. The 5k course is flat, scenic and USATF certified. The race started at the Mount Vernon Christian School so we could wait in the gym and stay warm before the race.

Ready to Rumble. Left to right – Sandra Madden, Dennis Zaborac, Larry Larsen, Nancy Larsen, Karen Lichtenstein, and Gerald Larsen.

There was a very light rain at the start of the race so some runners decided to wear rain jackets. It was hard to choose between the extra weight and the protection from the rain. I decided to risk getting soaked, and I left my rain jacket in the car.

Before the race, Bruce “Flash” Fisher gathered together a large group of runners for our Silver Strider photo. Bruce did a great job of explaining to some older runners that they were automatically eligible to be in the picture, and they were eager to join us. Silver Striders seemed to be arriving from all directions to get into the picture at the last minute. Bruce waited patiently while our group assembled.

Both the 5k and the 10k started together, and the large crowd kept some of us to a slow pace through the parking lot. Once we reached the road, it was easy to maintain a good race pace. I was surprised to see Louise Mihay and Isabelle Noiret (both W75-79) ahead of me so I picked up the pace and passed them. Isabelle was running the 10k at an impressive pace. 

I had to remind myself that the 5k course is not the standard out and back course. Instead, we turned around just past the 2-mile mark so there was one mile left in the  race at that point. As I watched the returning runners, Kent Sizer had a good lead in the race. I saw Judy Fisher, Charlea Sherman, and Sandy Madden ahead of me. After the turnaround, I saw Arne Hales and John Phillips in a very close race. They finished less than one second apart. Before I turned off toward the school, I saw 95-year-old Norval Rhodes walking the course with her son Gary. She is an inspiration for all of us.

The first Silver Strider to cross the finish line was Kent Sizer with a time of 19:31, and the first female Silver Strider to cross the finish line was Kristen Mossman with a time of 21:07.

Special thanks to the race director, Heather Romano for planning and organizing an excellent race.

Heather Romano

There were plenty of volunteers to keep us safe on the race course, and the refreshments after the race were delicious. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream, muffins, coffee, and tea were provided for all the participants.

The random drawing included 17 turkeys and 15 pumpkin pies. Many Silver Striders won turkeys or pumpkin pies with cheers and applause from the crowd. Our chances were good because the Silver Striders made up 36% of the 5k participants.

The youngest and oldest runners received “Spring Chicken” awards of Cornish Game Hens. Norval Rhodes at 94 was the oldest runner. The youngest participant present was 4-year-old Giovanni Romano.




Norval Rhodes (left), the oldest participant at 95, is congratulated by her son Gary.


                        Results in Photos by Bruce “Flash” Fisher



Judy: “Let’s check that distance. Oop’s I forgot to start my watch.” David: “Oh no! I forgot to stop mine.”  


The post race brunch was held at The Calico Cupboard (Photo courtesy of Steve Husko)






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