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         The Fly 5k At The Museum Of Flight

by Arne Hales
with photos by Bruce Fisher




Saturday, October 2, 2021

On a beautiful October morning I arrived at the parking lot more than an hour before the start. I had been to the Museum of Flight before but had not seen the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park. It is amazing that a B-52 can really fly.

The parking guides gave vague waves for directions so I parked quickly in the first available position. After two visits to the porta-potties I discovered we all could have parked closer. Karl Johnson and I rationalized that the walk was good for a warm up. (Confession: in hindsight I realized THAT is the only warm up I managed!) In the midst of all that walking, I somehow spaced the group photo. Sorry Bruce!

During one of my ‘warm up’ walks, I noticed a person who looked a lot like Martinho Ribeiro who I knew had moved to Arizona several years ago. Martinho has returned to Olympia and it was good to see him competing in that 70 -74 age group.

I had estimated what I thought was a slow finish, yet was assigned a start in only the second wave. I watched the first wave blast off with a number of the speedier Silver Striders making up that flight.

And then we were off: The flight plan for the 5K included two out and back legs availing runners’ ample opportunity to scope their competition, or cheer participants.

Edythe Hulet photo

The start and finish were in the Aviation Pavilion amongst all the fascinating aircraft that have been assembled but the majority of this 5K was on East Marginal Way. Paved and flat. Just don’t trip on those little yellow bumps they use to mark lanes.

The final approach back into the Pavilion included several 90 degree turns which I’m sure caused several runners to reduce their airspeed. It did appear that all landed safely.

Edythe Hulet photo

This race was well managed by Orca Running. Entry fee included admission to the entire Museum of Flight. Next year I will coerce some of my family into joining me.

Edythe Hulet photo


Jerry’s notes: We are happy to welcome back Martinho Ribeiro and Anthony McKay! Martinho has returned to the Northwest just in time to join the T and H handicap series. We are happy to report that Anthony has joined us too.
I’m sorry to report that the Fly course was long (3.24 mi.). That threw the handicapped times a little off
The   handicapped times are shown following Bruce’s “Results in Photos”.


xxxxxxxxxRxxxxxxxResults in Photos by Bruce Fisher



The Handicapped Results for the Tortoise and Hare Series

The baseline for men is 20 minutes. For women it is 25 minutes.
With perfect up to date handicapping and everyone doing their best at the correct distance, the result would see all men finishing in 20 minutes and all women in 25.
Unfortunately, the Fly 5k course was long (3.25). That means it will be difficult to adjust handicaps based on this race, so adjustments will be made only in a couple of extreme cases.


1 – John Marsteller  19:55 X$50 gift certificate
2 – Dennis Zaborac  19:59
3 – Arne Hales  20:05
4 – Robert Davies  20:11
5 – Martinho Ribeiro  21:08
6 – Karl Johnson  21:14
7 – Steve Husko  21:15
8 – Nick Bailey  21:41
9 – Ray Arrington  22:10
10 – Steve Ramsdell  n/a 

1 – Gretchen Ramsdell  23:17xxx$50 gift certificate
2 – Tiare Bailey  25:13
3 – Karen Lichtenstein  25:22
4 – Sandra Madden  25:24
5 – Patty Husko  25:32
6 – Judy Fisher  25:52
7 – Louise Mihay  26:31
8 – Edythe Hulet  27:58
9 – Diane Johnson  28:16

Charlea Sherman  24:35
Jerry Dietrich  20:11
Dave Sherman  20:48


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Museum Of Flight Photos
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCourtesy of Edythe Hulet