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The Final Battle Part II – Results

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The Final Results Of The Battle of the Boomers – Part II

July 14, 2018 – Kent, WA



After three years of competition, Jane Treleven, age 69, has emerged as the Battle of the Boomers Champion.

Her World Class age graded score of 92.7 was by far the dominate performance of the Series.

Here are the results showing the winners. The performances were amazing. The age group winners crowned in the Cornucopia 5k were true champions of their age divisions. An in depth Race Report will follow in a few days complete with photos by Flash Fisher.

The Battle of the Boomers series was the created and funded by Dennis Zaborac, a true patron of the running world.



  Boomers Final Battle Part II Winners on July 14,2018


Here is the final wrap-up for the Battle of the Boomers 2015-18

Total Prize Money Won In All Boomer Races

1. Jane Treleven$700
2. Joe Sheeran $500
3. Carol Sexton $340
4. Louise Mihay $310
5. Pat Warner $200
5. Mark Billett $200
5. John OHearn $200
8. Ed Heckard $150
9. Dave Sherman $130
10. Keith Lerew $120
11. Judy Fisher $100
11. Regina Joyce $100
11. David Crawford $100
11. Chloe Parr $100
11. Kristen Mossman $100
11. Richard Olafson $100
11. Arne Hales $100
11. Bryan Sepal $100
11. Barb Bumann $100
11. Larry Glenn $100
22. Jerry Dietrich $80
23. William Waters $70
24. 13 Runners $50
25. 11 Runners $40
26. 10 Runners $30
27. 9 Runners $20
28. 7 Runners $10
Total Prize Money $5,640



Top Battle of the Boomers performances age graded


Jane Treleven 92.70
Joe Sheeran 90.57
Pat Warner 89.83
Judy Fisher 89.57
Mark Billett 87.58
Carol Sexton 86.70
Gail Hall 86.17
Regina Joyce 85.38
David White-Espin 85.23
Lisa Knoblich 84.90
David Longmuir 83.85
John OHearn 83.80
Carol Grisso 83.63
Kristen Mossman 83.52
David Crawford 82.83

Donna Jackson 82.34
Becky Backstrom 82.31
Kent Sizer 81.06
Denis Villeneuve 80.60
Doug Beyerlein 80.04


The Battle of the Boomers 5k Champions

The Final Battle of the Boomers Part II, offered the top runners in each age group in the State of Washington, a chance to compete head to head, on the same course, under the same conditions. Here are your 2018 age group champions.

Daryl Montgomery M55-59

Mark Billett M60-64

David Crawford M65-69

David Longmuir M70-74

Larry Glenn M75-79

Jerry Dietrich M80-84

Gail Hall W55-59

Carol Sexton W60-64

Jane Treleven W65-69

Judy Fisher W70-74

Louise Mihay W75-79

Sally Krie W80-84































Dennis Zaborac presents the Championship trophy to Jane Treleven


Carol Sexton receives 2nd place Championship trophy and Most Improved trophy from Dennis Zaborac


Mark Billett 3rd Boomer overall and 1st Male Boomer 










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