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The 2021 Distance Derby consists of 10 virtual races. It began with the Good Riddance Run and will conclude with the North Olympic Discovery Marathon in June.

Each race on the Distance Derby schedule is worth 10 stars.

Runners who complete the North Olympic Discovery Marathon will receive an additional 5 stars. The maximum number of stars you can earn in the Derby is 105.

Custom designed Distance Derby medals will be awarded for each level of competition.

There are three levels of achievement:
Blue Ribbon – 10 races
Red Ribbon – 8-9 races
Green Ribbon – 6-7 races

You need 6 races to be a Derby finisher.

The overall winner of the Derby, male or female, will be the runner with the most stars. They will receive the Distance Derby Cup.  In case of a tie in stars, the runner with the most miles wins. In case of a tie in stars and miles, the cup will go to the oldest competitor.

Select the course of your choice.  If a race on the Derby schedule becomes an actual race, it will still count as a virtual race. Participants will decide if they want to attend the race in person or do the race on their own.

Select the distance you would like to run.  Multi day races and relays are excluded and won’t count as a virtual Derby event.

To enter the Derby email your name to: jerry@silverstrider.com  (Entry deadline 03/01/21)

The Distance Derby Standings now appear on the Silver Strider menu under Derby Standings.

The preliminary race schedule is as follows.  Watch for updates! Some race dates are broader than the Derby dates.  Check below to determine exact Derby dates.

             Distance Derby Schedule:

Date                   Race                                        Choose Your Distance
12/27/20 – 1/3/21 Good Riddance Run 2.02 miles,  20.2k (13.6mi), 20.2 miles

01/15-17/21      No Sun Fun Run            5k

2/6-11/21*        Elwha Bridge                   5k, 10k, Half

2/11-15/21       Better Together             5k, 10k, Half

03/1-7/21*         Hot Chocolate                 5k,  15k

03/20/21            FSRC Resolution Run 20 mi, 20k, 5k

04/17/21            Foothills Dash                 5k, 10k, Half

4/24-30/21*      Railroad Bridge              5k, 10k

05/16/21 TBD The Rhody Run               12k, 6k

6/6-14/21*         NODM                                 5k, 10k, Half, Marathon

*Derby dates differ from official race dates

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