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The Century Club

                                            The Century Club


Membership in the Century Club honors those athletes who have completed 100 Grand Prix Series races. The purpose of the Century Club is to give recognition to Silver Striders for their continuous participation in the Grand Prix Series throughout the years.

Announcement of the first three charter members to be inducted into the Century Club was made at the Tortoise and Hare awards party on October 14, 2017.  Shown below they are left to right: Dave Sherman, Judy Fisher, and Marsha Murray.


On the same occasion, three new Century Club members were inducted, having completed their 100th Series race. Pictured below, they are left to right: Jerry Bronson, Audrey Kirkwood and Sandra Madden.


                           Century Club Hall Of Fame

Judy Fisher  Inducted 10/1/17

Dave Sherman Inducted 10/1/17

Marsha Murray Inducted 10/1/17

Jerry Bronson Inducted 10/14/17

Sandra Madden Inducted 10/14/17

Audrey Kirkwood Inducted 10/14/17

Larry Larsen Inducted 11/23/17

Nanci Larsen       Inducted 12/9/17




















                                      Grand Prix Series Profiles

Judy Fisher has the honor of being the first Silver Strider  Grand Prix Series runner to be inducted into the Century Club Hall of Fame. Judy has been a GP Series finisher every year since its inception in 2010. She was Miss Grand Prix in 2011. In 2017, she achieved the unparalleled feat of completing 27 GP races in a row with a perfect score of 10 points in every race. Judy was a Battle of the Boomers champion, Silver Strider Runner of the Year twice, Super Athlete in 2016 and was the first athlete to qualify for Super Athlete in 2017. In addition to her athletic accomplishments, Judy is in charge of recording marathon results in the TOP IO Standings.  She frequently contributes race reports for the Silver Strider magazine. Though she is a world class athlete, Judy is modest about her achievements.  She always has a kind word of encouragement for her fellow Silver Striders. The Century Club is proud to welcome Judy as the first recipient of this honor!


Dave Sherman began participating in the Grand Prix Series in its second year and has competed in every Series since then. He was the first male to run the most races in the 2012-2013 Grand Prix Series and earned the title of Mr. Grand Prix. In the 2014-2015 Series, he ran 19 races and tied for most races by a male in the Series. He was a Super Athlete in 2016 and has qualified in 2017. Dave has dominated his age division in the Series, winning an impressive 4 times. Dave is an outstanding competitor.  He is also known for his good sportsmanship. Dave is always ready to help and encourage other Silver Striders. Dave has contributed many Grand Prix Series race reports for the Silver Strider Magazine. His achievement in running over a hundred GP races and willingness to help the Silver Striders when needed is a testimony to Dave’s loyalty and generous support of the Grand Prix Series. Welcome, Dave, to the Century Club!


No one has celebrated being a part of the Grand Prix Series more than Marsha Murray. She ran 21 races in the 2012-2013 Grand Prix Series and earned the title of Miss Grand Prix. In the 2013-2014 Series, she tied for the title of Miss Grand Prix running a total of 21 races. Marsha has enthusiastically championed the Grand Prix Series. She came up with the idea of a Silver Strider Grand Prix Series T-shirt which has greatly benefited the awards program. In addition to her running accomplishments, Marsha has brought her great sense of humor to the Series. All of the Silver Striders look forward to seeing the creative costumes Marsha comes up with at GP races. Who could forget Marsha galloping through Seward Park as a pony at the Run Scared 5k! Racking up over 100 GP races through the years, Marsha has brought much fun and enjoyment to the Grand Prix Series. We are delighted to welcome Marsha to the Century Club!


Jerry Bronson began competing in the Grand Prix Series 6 years ago and has won his age division for the past 4 years in a row. Jerry has been a consistent participant in the Grand Prix Series. He has run 14 to 18 races in every Series, accumulating enough races to achieve the goal of 100. At the Tortoise & Hare Fun Run, Jerry has been the first male runner to cross the finish line for the past two years. He is currently qualified for Super Athlete – 2017. Jerry took on this challenge by tackling all 4 required distances, including the Tacoma City Marathon. Jerry’s commitment to the Grand Prix Series is strong. He is always ready to contribute when needed. He has written race reports for the Silver Strider Online Magazine. He is always affable and enjoys hanging out with the Silver Striders. Jerry has praised the Grand Prix Series stating that the camaraderie has provided “both physical and social benefits” to his life. We are pleased to welcome Jerry to the Century Club.


In the 2014-2015 Grand Prix Series, Sandra Madden became the first Silver Strider to run every race in the Series, running all 25 of the 25 races. For her exceptional performance an award was named in her honor to be given to anyone who could replicate her achievement in the future. Sandra has won her age division four times. She competed in the Battle of the Boomers. She was a Super Athlete in 2016 and has qualified to be a Super Athlete in 2017. Sandra was the captain of the Silver Strider women’s team at the Rhody Run. Sandra’s love of running and pride in being a part of the Silver Striders recently led her to travel to Viet Nam as a member of Team Silver Strider at the Da Nang Marathon. This past year, Sandra took over the duties of Social Chairperson, keeping the Grand Prix Series participants informed of important developments in the lives of its members. Her commitment to the Silver Strider Grand Prix Series is reflected in her willingness to help out whenever needed. Welcome, Sandra!


Audrey Kirkwood was the youngest competitor in the 2011-2012 Grand Prix Series. She has competed every year since then, making her a 6 time finisher. Despite work and family commitments, Audrey has found the time to run an amazing number of races in each Series. In the 2014-2015 Series, she ran 20 out of 25 races. Audrey and her daughter, Andrea, represented the Silver Striders as members of Team Silver Strider at the Da Nang Marathon. Audrey’s enthusiasm for the Grand Prix Series has been shown in many ways. She came up with the idea of a Silver Strider Fun Run & Potluck. She provides donations from Emerald Downs for the awards party each year. When the Silver Striders get together for lunch after a race, Audrey brings delicious homemade cookies and cakes for dessert. Her ice cream cake is legendary! Audrey’s dedication to the Grand Prix Series is reflected in her being among the first to be inducted into the Century Club Hall of Fame. Welcome, Audrey!













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