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xxxxxxxxxThe Silver Strider Magazine in Print 2010 -2014



by Jerry Dietrich

In April of 2010 the first edition of the The Silver Strider Magazine rolled off the press. In this edition, the first Grand Prix Series was announced. It began in June with the Duvall Days 5k.

We had 15 races in the Series. When it ended in May of 2011, we had eleven finishers. A modest beginning, but it was the start of a program that would catch on and gain widespread popularity among runners over 50 in Western Washington in years to come.

Back then Betty and I did the magazine distribution, traveling from Vancouver to Port Angeles and Mt Vernon. We left magazines in all the running stores and libraries, as well as many busy public places.

In 2013 we added an online edition of our magazine.

By 2014, our printed edition was being overshadow by the online edition. Our subscriptions had dropped considerably. At the same time, the online edition was getting over 25,000 hits each month and growing fast.

We discontinued the print edition in March of 2015, because it had become obsolete at that point. The online edition had up to the minute information while the print edition contained outdated reports and standings that were two or three months old by the time our readers turned the first page.

Here is a look at the history of our print magazine. See how it evolved and introduced the programs we currently enjoy.

In our first edition, the Grand Prix Series was introduced. Terry Reichert, age 71, and Tiare Bailey, age, 53, were featured on the cover finishing the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon. (ASI Photo)
In our 2nd edition, the TOP IO feature was introduced. The cover featured Beth Mentzer, age 65, and her granddaughter Natalie, age 2 months, finishing the Duvall Days 5k. (Jenni Matheny Photo)
Our 3rd edition featured World Class runner Joe Sheeran, age 52, representing the East Side Runners. Joe completed the Bank to Bay 5k race in an amazing time of 16:26. (Finishshots Photo)
This edition featured another world class runner, Judy Fisher, age 66. Judy ran the Christmas Rush 5k in 23:16. (Denny Brooks Photo)
This issue contained information about the Half Fanatics and the cover featured Half Fanatic James Duggan age 51. (Penrose Photo)
Pictured on the cover of this edition is Jean Cornwell, age 71, who gained the distinction of being the first Silver Strider to reach a perfect score of 80 points in the Grand Prix Series. (Jerry Dietrich Photo)
This cover featured Richard Olafson, age 76, who was ranked #2 in the state at the time for M75-79. He is shown finishing the Lakefair 3k. (Denny Brooks Photo)
Lesa Overfield, age 52, completing her 100th marathon. (Jeff Brooks Photo)
Dr. Pat Hogan, author of the article “Exercise is Medicine”. (Denny Brooks Photo)
Julie Groo, age 52, finishing the FSRC Resolution Run on the snow covered track. (Denny Brooks Photo)
Barbara Olafson, age 77, finishing the Road-o-dend-Run in the snow at Olympia. (Denny Brooks Photo)
Mr. Grand Prix 2011, George Gonzales, age 51, finishing the NW Trek Run Wild 8k. (Denny Brooks Photo)
Newly engaged couple, Nanci Swanstrom and Larry Larsen, enjoy a training run together at Wright Park in Tacoma. (Jerry Dietrich Photo)
Marathon Maniac Lizzie Lee, age 55, crosses the Bixby Bridge at the Big Sur Marathon. (MarathonFoto Photo)

Keith Lerew crosses the Narrows Bridge at the Over The Narrows 10 mile race. (Denny Brooks Photo)
Susan Hall, age 55, at the Lakefair Half Marathon in Olympia. Susie was featured in the article entitled “The Running Artist”.xxxx(Denny Brooks Photo)
Dave Sherman, age 57, racing toward a perfect Grand Prix Series score of 80 points at Olympia. (Denny Brooks Photo)
Sandra Madden, age 61, conquering the Over The Narrows 10 Mile race. (Denny Brooks Photo)
Bill Iffrig, age 79, finished 2012 ranked #1 in the TOP IO at all four distances. (Bill Iffrig photo) Judy Fisher, age 69, posted the highest age graded performance for 2012. Her age graded score for the 10k was 92.38%. She was the only runner male or female to post world class times at 3 distances. (Denny Brooks Photo)
Ms. Grand Prix for 2012, Marsha Murray celebrates her finish at the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. (Marsha Murray Photo)
Paul Abdalla, age 51, wins the Snoqualmie Cup for the third time. His 5k time at the Run For The Pies was 17:00. (Denny Brooks Photo)
Jerry Dietrich turned 80 and ran 5k times of 29:57, 29:53, and 29:56 in his first races. He also won the Gold medal at the Victoria 8k. (Betty Dietrich Photo)
Rikki Bogue celebrates turning 50 by winning the 50k at Pt. Defiance Park. (Denny Brooks Photo)


Reflecting on the beginning and the end of the Silver Strider print magazine, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic. In the first edition, we looked at over 10,000 photos until we found just the right one – Terry at 71 and Tiare at 53. They represented the age group spectrum we wanted our readers to embrace. Those were exciting days! We put together articles, combed through photos, selected who would grace the cover, and created new features – all under the pressure of a publication deadline. Though the print magazine has long been replaced in this digital era, what great memories live on.