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Seattle Magazine Brunch Run 5k

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      The Brunch Run 5k



by Jerry Dietrich
with photos by Bruce Fisher
and Seattle Magazine


4/7/18 – Seattle

What a turnout!  I left home earlier than normal because there was a light rain and I anticipated possible traffic delays. I arrived an hour an twenty minutes early. A large turnout was expected, but with rain and wind predicted, I never envisioned this many runners and walkers. Did I mention you had to be 21 or older? Food and alcohol were included in this event and were a major part of the attraction.

I couldn’t have been more wrong thinking the weather would affect this event. The race took place in Magnuson Park near the University of Washington.

Parking was convenient, located close to the start and registration. You would have thought the sun was shining by the enthusiasm that filled the air.

Packet pickup was in a large hangar. Security men guarded the entrance. There was a short wait in line as everyone was required to present identification before entering, no matter what your age. Your ID was checked and a plastic band was wrapped around your right wrist signifying you were over 21.

When entering the large building, it was surprising to see most of the food and drink booths were already assembled and ready to open following the race. Upbeat music was blasting from loudspeakers. Runners were busy putting on their race shirts and pinning on their numbers. Bathrooms were conveniently located within the building.

About 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the race, an exercise warm up began. Over 100 runners began doing jumping jacks and aerobics.

Photo by Seattle Magazine

Photo by Seattle Magazine


At about 9:20, runners began to walk to the start/finish line, about 5 minutes away across the parking area. This was handy because, after crossing the finish line, you could pass by your car on the way back to the brunch.


The start area was on a bike path so the runners were crowded together over the 50 or 60 yards of path that preceded the start line. The congested logistics made the group photo somewhat difficult for Flash Fisher, the Silver Strider photographer, but he prevailed and the race was ready to start.

I walked about a quarter mile down the bike path past a large athletic field. I thought it was a good place to assess the congestion, if any, associated with the start.

From my point of view, the start went quite well. The faster runners moved ahead and reached me quickly. The main body of runners passed by smoothly, each seemingly positioned correctly for his or her pace.

Photo by Seattle Magazine

There were many runners with dogs. The dogs, on a short leash, were keeping perfect pace at their partner’s side as they passed the turn in the path where I stood.

As the joggers became slower and the faster walkers passed in greater numbers, the path remained crowded until the final participants went by. I noted that the paved surface ended near this point and became a dirt trail.

The course which began on a paved surface became a rain-soaked dirt path, then wound down to a wide cement walkway paralleling Lake Washington. At the end of the walkway, the course veered onto a trail winding back toward the finish. Though there was a slight drizzle during the race, there was little of the anticipated rain and wind. The trail was covered in many places with wet, muddy puddles, making it necessary for runners to choose between leaving the trail or wading through the water. There were many soaked shoes and socks at the finish line.

The first Silver Strider to cross the finish was Steve Heaps  in 19:04.

Steve Heaps – 1st Silver Strider

The first female Silver Strider to finish was Mindy Chang in 24:41.

Mindy Chang – 1st female Silver Strider

We had one 2017-18 Series finisher, Ed Heckard.

Ed Heckard – Series Finisher 2017-18











Ed became the 42nd Series finisher for 2017-18 by completing his 8th race of the year. Four more finishers are expected at the Seahawks 12k which will bring us to 46 finishers for the 2017-18 Series. The final race in the Series is The Tacoma City Marathon on April 29th. The season’s finishers will be honored at our annual awards party on May 12th.

After the race, the large brunch building filled with runners and walkers. Most of them were standing in lines for food or drink. The longest and slowest line was for beer.

Race Director – Ina Balint













Here are some of the Brunch Items that were Offered
Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt – Many flavors, including marionberry and rhubarb.
Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe – Vegan blueberry scones with lemon curd.
BarkThins – Dark or milk chocolate.
Blazing Bagel Co. – Bagel bites with cream cheese
Cafe Opla – Opla bites egg, sausage, sauce on baguette
Eastlake Bar – Mini Quiche
Honest Biscuits – Biscuits with sausage and gravy
Jack’s BBQ – Taco bites
Krave Jerky – Jerky bites
Mighty O Donuts – Donut bites
RXBAR – Bar bites
Seattle Pickle – Pickle bites
Booze by – Buckley’s Pub, Deschutes Brewery, Lagunitas Brewing Co.,  and Lil’ Blu.
Non-alcohol drinks by – Jars Juice, Pilgrim coffee Truck, Juice Press, and Sparkling Ice.

                     Food Photos courtesy of Seattle Magazine

Photo by Seattle Party Shots courtesy of Dave Anderson

Amazingly there was a photo setup that was offered with no waiting in line. I think everyone assumed, as I did, that there was a charge involved. The photos were free, furnished by Seattle Party Shots.

The awards ceremony began at about 11:00. Age group winners, including Ed Heckard (M70-74), Steve Husko (M60-64), Judy Fisher (W70-74), Betty Dietrich (W75-79), and Edythe Hulet (W80-84), received framed certificates. A drawing was also held for those who bought raffle tickets.


Following the brunch, those of us who were still hungry, organized a caravan and gathered together at a nearby restaurant.

Photo courtesy of Dave Anderson


After a  lengthy period of socializing, we offered our farewell hugs and departed company.

Will the Brunch Run remain on our schedule for 2019? The answer is yes. It is a fun event! Silver Striders receive a $5 discount on their entry fee and the fee includes a nice shirt and all you can eat food and drinks.


                    Race Results in Photos by Bruce Fisher





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