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xxxxxxxThe Newest Addition To The Tortoise & Hare Series


by Jerry Dietrich

The cancellation of the Rock n Roll race has made it necessary for immediate changes in the Tortoise and Hare Handicap Series.

The Renton Parkrun 5k will replace the Rock n Roll race on the schedule. The date remains August 21st. Start is at 9:00 am.

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This is a small low key race with everything we need as far as the T & H series is concerned.

No entry fee.
The course is accurate
Your effort will be accurately timed.

Results will be posted by age group and will be age graded.
Your Silver Strider friends will be
We will get together afterward.

There is no entry fee. It’s free! But you must pre-register.

To register go to:

You only need to register with parkrun once. You will receive a permanent bar code. Print it and bring a printed copy. It is the equivalent of a permanent race number.

The event takes place at Cedar River Trail Trailhead by the 405 overpass in Renton, WA. GPS coordinates: 47.4802N, -122.199W.

Directions are as follows:

From Northbound 405 (as if going to Bellevue) take Exit 4 – at the end of the ramp make a right and go straight over Sunset Blvd (900) and onto Bronson Way N. Get in the left hand lane because you will be making a left onto Mill Avenue S – which is the street as soon as you cross over the river (bridge).

Once on Mill Ave. you will pass the library and the City Hall (on your left). When you come to the light cross over Houser Way and make the curve to your left…the road will split here – you will keep left. This will bring you under the freeway which is where the Cedar River Trailhead is and the start line.

From Southbound 405 (as if coming from Bellevue) take Exit 4 onto Sunset Blvd. Follow Sunset down – as you come to the second light (Asian restaurant on your right) you will want to make the right onto Bronson Way N. follow directions above: Turn left onto Mill Ave S, cross over Houser Way, then left onto Cedar River Trail.

You can also park at the Aquatic Center/Renton Community Center (1715 Maple Valley Hwy. Renton) which sits off of Maple Valley Freeway. Park behind the Center (there is a small lot) and walk across the bridge that is under the freeway.