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GOODBYE 2020 – HELLO 2021

Carol Alex …. What can be said about this year?  The COVID-19 pandemic put the world in the same deadly storm, but not necessarily in the same boat. 

Many have lost jobs, homes, and even lives.  Essential workers who DO have jobs have to face daily stress due to possible exposure to the virus.  Our heroic health care workers have been stretched to their breaking points!  

Some of us are lucky enough to be retired with steady income or can work from home and are able to hunker-down without much collateral damage. 

Most others have had to face difficult challenges adjusting their lives around Covid restrictions.  We all have felt the pain of being separated from our loved ones, cancelling weddings, eliminating family gathers at the holidays.    

There is light at the end of the tunnel though, and hopefully by the summer (when the vaccine becomes widely available) we will be able to come out on the other side with new wisdom and with an appreciation for so many things we previously took for granted. And with a determination to begin the healing.  

Our country has been through two world wars and the Great Depression and yet found its way back to eventually rebuild this country better than before.  I truly believe we can do it again, if most folks are willing to pull together with a common purpose.  To that goal I pray we can all set our sights.

Cherie Langlois …. Sorry, 2020, I hate to be rude but I’m really happy that in a few days you’ll be gone forever. You were difficult, more difficult than any other year I’ve ever met. There I said it.

Reflecting on what you put me through–what you put all of us through–isn’t easy. There were just so many losses, big and small. But to be fair, you gave me a few things, too. Like some powerful reminders of what’s most important to me (for instance, my loved ones’ health and lives), a new appreciation of the natural beauty that surrounds our home, an even more profound gratitude for my family, friends, pets, home, decent health, and more.

You also taught me that I was stronger and more adaptable than I knew. So thanks for that.  

Well, hello you gorgeous, shiny 2021! I’ve been counting the days until we would meet and now here you are. I’m really hoping you’ll be a kinder, gentler, easier year than 2020. That you’ll bring us all together rather than tear us apart. That you’ll gift us with good health and happiness, hugs and smiling faces, runs and dances with other people, and much more.

How about we just start with some hope, okay?

Karen Lichtenstein …. During the 2020 pandemic forced isolation, I learned to appreciate some things that I took for granted in the past. I am so grateful for the social connection with all my Silver Strider friends, and your stories have provided inspiration during this challenging time.

Since I have been spending so much time at home, I have started to look forward to seeing the deer in my yard and the solitary eagle that flies by my house. I have time to stop and truly appreciate the wildlife and the beauty of nature in the Northwest.

Most of all, I am thankful for the friendships in the Silver Strider family. I have seen many acts of kindness with friends helping friends, and I appreciate the compassion and support for each other.  

The new year will be like the second half of a marathon. We have done a good job of pacing ourselves, but the greatest challenge may arrive in the next few months.

The Covid-19 infection rate is increasing so we need to maintain the good habits we developed in 2020. I plan to take one day at a time, and I look forward to a time when I will be able to see my Silver Strider friends again.

Dennis Zaborac ….  
Reflections and Hope
There are good days in bad years
And bad days in good years.
You can’t change the past,
And there is no assurance of the future,
So focus on today,
And have a great day!


Allen Walker …. Reflecting on the year 2020 – it started out like any other year. With over 25 runs scheduled on the Grand Prix series, it was looking to be a good year for the Silver Striders — lots of running, and time spent together — both before and after the runs. 

We did get 4 races in before the pandemic hit, and then everything came to a crashing halt. Our first thoughts were, ‘this will only be temporary’… no one could have predicted it would last all year. 

But you can’t defeat the spirit and ingenuity of motivated Silver Striders ! Even though 13 races were canceled on the original schedule, there ended up being opportunity to run 18 races for the year — and some Silver Striders met that challenge! (Not me… I finished with 12 races under my belt).  

We are all looking to 2021 to be a better year, and I am excited for the Distance Derby!  I’ll be putting 2020 behind me, and looking forward to new and different running challenges in the new year. And I sincerely hope to see everyone soon!

Patty and Steve Husko …. At the start of 2020 life was good, no worries.

Then the pandemic invaded the world. Creating many changes in our daily lives. Many experienced loneliness and loss. Onsite runs became a thing of the past.

The word “virtual” became a commonly used term. Lunches with our Silver Strider family no longer took place.  

Now, with the vaccines becoming available, we can visualize the light at the end of the tunnel. Our hope for 2021 is that life will get back to normal.

Hopefully we can get rid of these darn masks and see every one’s smiling face again.  Missing everyone.

Ed Heckard …. As bad as it was for many, it was not a serous imposition to my wife, Gale and I. 

In the running department, Gale logged well over 1000 miles.  Many of her runs were in the 6-7 mile range.  I must have averaged 25 miles per week the past 5 months.  I am grateful to have recovered from a nagging Achilles issue and am feeling healthy. 

The Christmas Rush zoom meeting made me realize how much I miss seeing everyone at races.    Hoping 2021 races begin to pop up by early fall.  If not, we’ll “keep on keeping on”.

GOODBYE – 2020
Toilet Paper Shortage
Stay Home       
Social Distancing                
Wash Those Hands
Face masks
Hand Sanitizer
Self Quarantine
Clean & Organize
Binge Watching TV
Curbside Pickup
Zoom Meetings
Online Shopping
Races Cancelled
Virtual Races
What Day Is It?  

HELLO – 2021
Smiling Faces