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To enter one of the Derby races, simply click on their ad to access registration.

To get Distance Derby credit for virtual races, you must submit your race results  to:
Submit a photo of your watch or timing device. A photo of yourself, for publication, wearing your bib or shirt would be optional, but appreciated.

For detailed information about the Distance Derby, click on “Distance Derby” on the menu.

Remember, once you start your watch you cannot stop it until you reach the desired distance. If you stop your watch for traffic, or to tie your shoe, or for a pit stop, your time becomes bogus. A virtual race is like a physical race as far as timing is concerned.

The preliminary race schedule is as follows.  Watch for updates! Some Derby race dates are different than official dates. Check below for exact Derby dates.


Distance Derby Schedule:

Date                   Race                                        Choose Your Distance
12/28/20 – 1/3/21 Good Riddance Run     2.02 miles,  20.2k (13.6mi), 20.2 miles

01/16/21            No Sun Fun Run             5k

2/6-11/21*         Elwha Bridge                  5k,  10k, Half

2/11-15/21        Better Together            5k, 10k, Half

03/1-7/21*         Hot Chocolate                5k,  15k

03/20/21            FSRC Reso Run              20 mi, 20k, 5k

04/17/21            Foothills Dash                 5k, 10k, Half

4/24-30/21        Railroad Bridge              5k, 10k, Half

05/16/21            The Rhody Run               12k, 6k

6/21-14/21*       NODM                                5k, 10k, Half, Marathon

*Derby dates differ from official race dates.

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