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xxxxxx The Poulsbo Half and 10k

By Roger Dean
10/08/22- Poulsbo

The Poulsbo 10k and 1/2 marathon are both scenic and challenging.

The race preview claims that the course is “fast and flat”.

As a local Poulsbo runner, I have measured the route and run it regularly. The 10k has nearly 2 miles of hills and the 1/2 marathon about 4 miles of hills. 30% of the runners’ time is spent negotiating hills.

The Grandaddy Hill, .3 miles long and challenging, is saved for the 1/2 marathoners’ delight or fright at the turn around. These folks must travel the route twice. So that naughty hill is reminding you upon leaving it the first time “I’ll be back”!

The 10k has 10 hills and the 1/2 marathon 23 hills. Yes, the race is flat, especially the flat parts.

The weather was ideal, high 50’s, sunny and calm winds.

From my perspective, the races are scenic, a traveler’s delight. Old Poulsbo, the smells from the famous bakery, the shore line and assorted birds I spied and a crane along the shore. New homes, village, forest canopy to shade one and very few cars.

The starts were in waves. The 10k had 234 runners and the 1/2 marathon 221. These wave starts were welcomed, for about 50 yards from the start one comes to a 100 yard foot bridge about 5 feet wide. Good planning to avoid a traffic jam. There were 3 waves in the 1/2 marathon. I didn’t see the start of the 10k.

Five adventuresome souls from the Crown Jewel Series made the journey to Poulsbo, a Norwegian stronghold. They were Judy Fisher and Karl Johnson in the Half and Louise Mihay, Diane Johnson and Edythe Hulet in the 10k.

Our Norwegian Elkhound, Inga, gave all a welcoming greeting.

I had a brief visit with Bruce and Judy Fisher, and Edythe Hulet.

Judy just finished a marathon the week before and felt she wasn’t fully recovered. Her time today, in the 1/2 marathon, was 2:43:03, 66.99%. Her time was 19% slower than her best 1/2 marathon this year thanks, in part, to the numerous hills. Karl Johnson, age 64, 2:25:36, 4th, 1/2 marathon, 50.87% performance.

Edythe, age 85, ran the 10k in 2:01:51, an age graded performance of 49.13%. Her time was 5% slower than her best 10k this year.

When I met her along with Judi and Bruce I said, “Hello Edythe”.

She responded, “How did you know my name?”

“Because you look like her” I said. Not surprising she didn’t recognize me unshaven and with sun glasses.

I didn’t visit with Louise Mihay. She ran the 10k in 1:12:30, a 73.15% performance. Diane Johnson, age 79, 1:31:14,1st, 10k, 55.41% performance, slow down from best time in 10k = 7%.

The overall winner of the 10k was a female, Daryl Marie Phill, age 27, in 40:48, a 72.83% performance.

When Daryl Marie crossed the line, Brook, the announcer from Poulsbo Running, was so amazed she couldn’t spit out the winner’s name and over the loud speaker mumbled something to the effect “And she’s one of us.”

Driving the course with wave starts and both races on the same roads, one would see a constant stream of runners lining each side of the road. It was an inspiring view, all these souls doing their best to conquer the Poulsbo hills.

One last dig. The course maps don’t match the course markers. The 3 mile marker, one of the few I saw, was about 1/4 of a mile short.

Before the start of the race, Inga and I jogged the first 1.5 miles. I don’t recall seeing any mile markers and then driving the remaining part, the mile 3 marker was the only one I saw. The turnarounds were different than on the online course maps.

In conclusion, I found the route charming, much more than the Rhody Run. In hindsight, Poulsbo didn’t disappoint. When people want to test us, they frequently ask when we last ran a marathon. After the Poulsbo challenge, a better question would be “Have you ever done the Poulsbo?”

Tests come in many forms. Growth usually comes from struggle. The easy way out usually leads to trouble.


Jerry’s notes:
Congratulations to the “Terrific Trio” from Olympia. Diane Johnson 1st W75-79, Louise Mihay 1st W80-84 and Edythe Hulet 1st W85-89. Judy Fisher was 1st W75-79 in the Half.
This was a nice showing of Silver Striders considering the difficulty of the courses. Most runners over 50 did the 10k, which was difficult enough to offer a challenge.
The percentage of Silver Striders in the 10k was 26% (61 out of 234).
The percentage of Silver Striders in the Half was
16% (35 out of 224).


xxxxxxxxxxxx The Race in Photos by Bruce Fisher