Potluck Auction – 2020


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                        The Tortoise and Hare Virtual Potluck Auction

Bidders – email your bid to Charlea at: sherman863@comcast.net
Include your name, the name of the dish you are bidding on, and the amount of your bid.

Bidding starts at $5 and continues in $5 increments. The Bidding will end on Nov 15th.

A drawing for a gift certificate will be held after the auction is completed. Everyone who submitted a dish or made a bid will be entered into the drawing. The winner of the drawing will be announced at the Tortoise and Hare zoom party.

                The Auction has ended. The winners are listed below.

       The blue ribbon goes to Dave Sherman’s Family Spaghetti Sauce.

           Charlea’s Tabbouleh Salad  ………    $50  –  Winner Susie Hall
xxxxDave’s Spaghetti Sauce   …..            $60 –  Winner Audrey Kirkwood
TtttttttttTiare’s Caramel Pecan Rolls              $55 –   Winner Sandi Newman
..AAAGeraldo’s Arroz Magnifico ……..4$$$20 –  Winner Sandy Madden
BbbbbBetty’s Vegetarian Chili   cccccCC$$35Winner Jeff Brown
…….R        Rosie’s Stir Fry xxxxxxxxxxx  …….    $10 –  Winner Dave Sherman
.Molly’s PAPD Cookies $20-Winner Nanci  Larsen
………        Audrey’s Best Oatmeal Cookies …… .    $      $45 – Winner Gretchen Ramsdell
      Judy’s teriyaki tofu kabob vegan                          $15- Winner Betty Dietrich
Judy’s chocolate cake (vegan) $35- Winner Jerry Dietrich
.Audrey’s Ice Cream Delight $50 – Winner Dennis Zaborac
….. Gretchen’s Almond Power Balls Dessert ………… $20 – Winner Diane Martin
Tiare’s Gluten Free Granola  $15 – Winner Karl Johnson
oCarol’s South Of The Border Tortilla Soup       $30 – Winner Karen Lichtenstein
oooConcetta’s Chicken Alfredo oooo$25 –  Winner Charlea Sherman
Tiare’s chicken with mushrooms & vanilla oo$25 – Winner Karen Lichtenstein
Sally’s Cheeseburger potato tot skillet pizza  $20 – Winner Dave Sherman
Uncle Vern’s Sweet & Sour Meatballs o$10 –  Karl Johnson
ooo        Audrey’s Plum Nut Bread  oooo          $40 –  Ray Arrington
ooAudrey’s Cheesy Potatoes      $10 – Karen Lichtenstein
Connie’s Sicilian Stuffed Artichokes  $30 – Winner Tiare Bailey
ooooSandi’s Hamburger or Turkey Biscuits  oooo    $25 –  Winner Charlea Sherman
ooo Sandi’s Macaroni Mushroom Casserole oooooo$20 –  Winner Dave  Sherman