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             The ParkRun 5k

by Karen Lichtenstein
with photos by Bruce Fisher



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe ParkRun 5K

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Parkruns started in the United States in 2012 in Livonia, Michigan. The Renton Parkrun began in 2017, and now there are 48 Parkruns throughout the U.S. The Renton Parkrun is held on the Cedar River Trail that follows the old railroad corridor.

The railroads that contributed to the trail are the Seattle & Walla Walla, the Columbia & Puget Sound, and the Milwaukee railroad. In 1986 the entire rail line was removed and became the Cedar River Trail. East of Cedar Falls the trail is known as the John Wayne or Iron Horse Trail.

The weather at the start of the race was cloudy and cool, perfect running conditions. Bruce Fisher had us gather near the race start for the Silver Strider picture, then we were ready for the race.

XXxxXXXxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxXXX Race Director Karen Gates

Karen carefully described the race course and explained the procedure for getting the finisher token scanned along with the personal barcode. We started the race on a long, gradual downhill stretch through the woods.

I followed Tiare Bailey because she was setting a good steady pace as we raced down the trail. The trail had lots of shade, and the paved surface was nice and even.

Since this was an out and back course, I was watching and waiting to see the lead runners stream by us. The first Silver Strider male was Keith Lerew and the first Silver Strider female was Wendy Sweeney with Judy Fisher close behind.

After I passed the turnaround, I closed the distance and managed to pass Tiare on the uphill. She usually beats me in 5k races, but she has not been able to run for a month so I had a chance in this race.

When we passed Edythe Hulet, she called out numbers to let us know our overall place in the race. With 51 participants in the race, I was definitely in the middle of the pack. Both Keith Lerew and Wendy Sweeney maintained their leads and each one finished in first place.

After the race, I checked the ages of participants, and 57% of the runners were Silver Striders.

Patty Husko arranged for a Silver Strider breakfast at the Whistle Stop Restaurant which was not far from the race course, and the food was delicious. We had a great time telling stories about other races and catching up with each other. It is wonderful to have in-person races and see our friends again. Photo courtesy of Patty Husko


Jerry’s notes:
Louise Mihay’s 31:01 performance reduced her #1 all time Washington 5k record for Women 80-84 by 45 seconds.
Judy Fisher 78, posted a National Class time of 28:28 for a age graded rating of 83.26%
This race was the 2nd race in the Tortoise and Hare Handicapped Series. Handicapped results are listed below following Bruce Fisher’s “Results in Photos”.
Note: Jerry’s notes corrections made on 8/31/21


XXXXXXXXXXResults in Photos by Bruce Fisher







XXXXXXXXThe Handicapped Results for the Tortoise and Hare Series

The handicaps were more accurate for this race. The baseline for men is 20 minutes. For women it is 25 minutes.
With perfect up to date handicapping and everyone doing their best, the result would see all men finishing in 20 minutes and all
women in 25.

The men’s time spread for The Kent 5k was 4:57. For the ParkRun it was 3:17.
Note: Results corrections made on 8/31/21

1 – Steve Husko 19:26 X$50 gift certificate
2 – Keith Lerew 20:18
3 – Robert Davies
4 – Dave Anderson 21:12
5 – Larry Larsen 21:13
6 – Nick Bailey 21:31
7 – Steve Ramsdell 21:37
8 – Jerry Bronson 22:25

9 – Ray Arrington 22:43

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXThe finishing order should change.

The women’s time spread for Kent was 7:41 when disregarding Nanci and Diane who accompanied others.
For the ParkRun the time spread was greatly improved at 3:02.

1 – Marsha Murray 24:15
xxx$50 gift certificate
2 – Gretchen Ramsdell 24:17 X
3 – Karen Lichtenstein
4 – Louise Mihay 25:01
5 – Patty Husko 25:26
6 – Judy Fisher 25:28
7 – Tiare Bailey
8 – Diane Martin 26:44

9 – Edythe Hulet 26:50
10 – Nanci Larsen 27:17