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         The Pacific Runderland 5k

by Ray Arrington
with photos by Bruce Fisher




xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Pacific Runderland 5K

Saturday, September 11, 2021

To start this morning off. I want to give my prayers to all that lost love ones on this day 20 years ago. I pray this devastation never happens again.

What a beautiful day for a run with the Silver Striders! This never gets old. We are running the Runderland 5k this morning. The run is dedicated to Wayne Donaldson by his daughter Sherry Clarke and her family. Wayne was an avid outdoorsman, accomplished runner and great cyclist. They named the race Runderland because Wayne ran in the wonderful outdoors of the northwest.

The course is an out and back paved trail aligned with trees and follows the White River.

We all took off at the starters gun. I could see a sea of runners ahead of me. The first hill comes up fast, and it can take you by surprise, especially after other runners tell you it is a flat course.

My goal was to get to the first mile before Kent and the other runners passed me on their way back. I do not think I made it. As all the runners were heading to the finish line I was just at the turn around. I thought how do all these Silver Striders stay so fast and me so slow.

Then it hit me as I was pulling the hill to mile 2. As a Clydesdale, I eat more grain than they do.

The last mile I was trailing Gretchen, Marsha, and Jerry. I kept gaining on them little by little. Than I told myself with a quarter mile to go to kick up my heels and start pulling that Budweiser wagon faster.

Coming up to the finish it is so gratifying to hear your name being called out. I was smiling at the thought of all the support our group gives one another.

Silver Striders took almost all the ribbons in our age groups along with most of the prizes. I took an extra water and bag of chips.

Thank you to the Clarke family and volunteers for a first class race. They raised over $3,000 dollars and a portion of it goes to the Washington National Park Fund.

Happy trails until we meet again.



Jerry’s notes: This was our 3rd race in the Tortoise and Hare Handicap Series. There are four races left. To be a finisher you need four races. Three or more of the first six and the final race. All finishers will receive a trophy. You can still enter by sending the $15 entry fee to:
Bruce Fisher, 3005 So. 363rd Street, Federal Way, WA 98003
If you haven’t done any of the races on the schedule you will need to do the remaining four. If you have done any or all of the first three they will count (retroactively if needed).
Handicap results for this race are at the end of this report.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxResults in photos by Bruce Fisher

Runderland 5k Race Director Sherry Clarke

    Silver Strider Breakfast at the Odd Fellas Restaurant (Steve Husko photo)



The Handicapped Results for the Tortoise and Hare Series

The baseline for men is 20 minutes. For women it is 25 minutes.
With perfect up to date handicapping and everyone doing their best, the result would see all men finishing in 20 minutes and all women in 25.
As you can see the men’s handicaps are becoming quite accurate. We still have a ways to go with the women’s handicaps although 4 thru 8 seem pretty accurate.


1 – Kent Sizer 19:33 X$50 gift certificate
2 – Jerry Bronson 19:43
3 – Robert Davies 19:45
4 – Arne Hales 19:46
5 – Ray Arrington 19:50
6 – Steve Husko 20:06
7 – Steve Ramsdell 20:07
8 – Keith Lerew 20:09
9 – Karl Johnson 20:33
10 – Dave Sherman 20:45
11 – Nick Bailey 20:51

1 – Nanci Larsen 23:44xxx$50 gift certificate
2 – Diane Johnson 23:46
3 – Marsha Murray 24:28
4 – Tiare Bailey 24:45
5 – Gretchen Ramsdell 24:53
6 – Louise Mihay 25:00
7 – Karen Lichtenstein 25:05
8 – Judy Fisher 25:24
8 – Molly Childs 25:24
10 – Geri White 26:22
11 – Patty Husko 26:43
12 – Edythe Hulet 26:54