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                        The Orca Half Marathon




by Judy Fisher
with photos by Bruce Fisher

9/27/18 – Seattle

It was not only the running participants who benefited from this race on the Alki waterfront. As was evident throughout this event, the southern population of orcas was also a benefactor.

Donations were accepted on behalf of the Whale Trail, a Seattle-based charity dedicated to inspire appreciation and stewardship of whales and the marine environment. As evidence of Orca Running’s dedication to the cause, the running group has adopted “Alki,” a member of the Southern Resident Community of Killer Whales. What better location for this race than the Alki coastline! Puget Sound glistened in the warm autumn sunshine, with ferries and sailboats adding to the beauty of the gorgeous waterway!

I am full of praise for The Orca Half. I believe Orca Running tried to provide the runners and walkers with whatever they needed to ensure that their race would prove to be a worthwhile undertaking. My only suggestion is to have the race USATF certified for distance (it is my understanding that this will soon happen).

The reasons to enter this race are many:

Option of pre-race packet pickup Friday/Saturday before race, along with attractive shirts

Chipped personalized bibs, imprinted with a scene of the Alki waterfront and a detailed description of a Puget Sound orca (I am running for: Lobo, K-26,  age 23, sex M), along with facts regarding orca whales (actually not whales, but members of the dolphin family)

Shuttles from Finish (Don Armeni Boat Ramp) to Start (Lincoln Park)

Wave start (elites in first of five waves) – good plan, since there were 941 finishers!

Scenic course along the Alki shoreline – mostly flat with some climbing in the first few miles in and around Lincoln Park

Surprisingly, little foot or auto traffic

Finish had a very warm welcome with an inflatable archway to finish under,

Lively announcer who tried to identify every finisher and accompanying upbeat music

Delicious after-race tacos (need to get that relish/salsa recipe!)

Instant computer-generated results, with unique awards immediately given out in the nearby tent (results were also online shortly after the race, along with a survey asking participants for suggestions on how to improve the race)

Beautiful medallions handed out at the finish, artfully designed with an orca breaching in Puget Sound, with the skyline of Seattle in background, all in color, with date on the reverse

Yoga instruction, with mats provided, at the finish to stretch out overused muscles

Bell to ring for those who set a Personal Record time

Inflated whale for photo ops

Promotional booths, giving the finish area a fun, festive vibe (including a booth for purchasing The Whale Trail orca merchandise and making donations)

Free professional photo

Views, views, views!!!

Orca Running is definitely making a positive impact on the Seattle running scene. In a humanitarian vein, for each race they seek out a non-profit that fits well with that particular race and a portion of every registration is donated to that non-profit. To benefit the runner, if, due to an unforeseen situation, one cannot participate, Orca Running will defer entry to the same race the following year, transfer to another runner, or switch entry to another Orca Running event. These are rare policies in the racing world! A 10% discount was offered to all Silver Striders. If you were lucky to receive an entry through a Silver Strider drawing, as I did, you ran FREE!

You are denying yourself a running high if you do not run the Orca Half. It truly is a whale of a race!


The Prize

Porter Bratten – Race Director

Post race stretch

Save the Seals






















                    Race results in photos by Bruce Fisher


Age group winners (left to right) Arne Hales M70-74, Nancy Larsen W70-74, Judy Fisher W75-79, and Steve Husko M65-69.


NOTE: Once again we had National Class times by two of our Super Athletes, Judy Fisher (88.32%) and Carol Sexton (82.97%).









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