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The Maverick Run (a virtual race) by Orca Running 

by Tiare Bailey
October – 2020

Only twice since I started running have I entered and ran back to back, a full marathon then a half marathon shortly after. When I signed up for the Orca Run marathon and Maverick Goose half marathon I would meet a familiar challenge. Not training consistently I knew that injury was a possibility. For capable, seasoned runners it’s not a daunting challenge, but for me it was.

This GP season I have a dream to win “Most Mileage” category. Thus, “Challenge on!”; A Full and a Half within 11 days.

Originally on our GP calendar as the Fly 5k, it was changed to the Maverick Run with multiple race distance options. This included a 1 mile, a 5k, a 14k, and a half marathon. Even a kids race. I believe more distance options attracts more walkers and runners.

Orca events are high quality events as far as their organizational systems and swag, but cost may be higher than some. This year there was a reduced fee option where you could receive the medal and decline the remainder of the swag.

A portion of your entry fee to Orca races is given to a specific charity or two. This years Maverick Run was a fund raiser for Seattle based non-profit Aviation For Humanity. This group brings school supplies to children in need around the world. It also supported Wings For Val Foundation which provides scholarships to women pursuing careers in aviation.

Swag: Orca Running has a reputation for large, bright, specialized medals if that is something that you look for, and motivates you. Medals were mailed to all runners and walkers entered in  any one of the five Maverick distances. The finisher medal is a replica of a F-14 Tomcat on a brilliant gold lanyard. Steve Ramsdell, a retired military pilot recognized it right away as did Gretchen!

Gretchen and Steve Ramsdell

Participants also received a soft gender specific shirt: poly, cotton, rayon blend with a Maverick logo. A buff made of soft F-14 Tomcat patterned fabric and a finisher patch depicting the jet rounded out the package. Each runner/walker received a waterproof bib with your name printed on it.

Convenience: Looking for positives, everything you need to complete this virtual race was packaged and delivered to your mailbox. No long line at packet pick up like there was at the My Better Half race at Seward Park this year! As for this race being a virtual race in 2021, that will have to be decided at a later date.  This year we had from October 7th -11th to choose where and when we would complete our miles.

For my personal Goose Half marathon, I recently purchased a hydration vest to hold my water and snacks. I choose a route, usually a trail with bathrooms and porta potties scattered along my path.

I am happy to report that with two long races close together in time, my injury list is minimal: one large blister on a toe and an irritated IT Band that is getting better.  As I ran, I repeated,”Don’t Quit, Do It” .

oooooooA quote I like : “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” …. Nelson Mandela

Nick and Tiare Bailey


Jerry’s notes:
Congratulations to Ray Arrington and Ken Peper who finished their 8th Series race. We now have 4 races left in the 2020 Series.
Welcome Back to Larry Larsen who had knee replacement surgery. Larry managed his 5th 2020 Series race to keep pace with his goal of finishing all 11 Grand Prix Series seasons.

                           Maverick Results
                     Grand Prix Players Only

                            Half Marathon


Kent Sizer                1:34:41
Steve Husko            2:04:48
Nick Bailey               2:27:18


Tiare Bailey              2:28:36
Isabelle Noiret        2:33:26

Patty Husko              3:51:42



Ken Peper                      21:54
Jeff Brown                     28:57
Karl Johnson                29:53
Ray Arrington             38:41
Jerry Dietrich              43:57
Steve Ramsdell           50:18
Arne Hales                     54:17
Larry Larsen                 70:12


Judy Fisher                     27:48
Louise Mihay                 32:00
Gretchen Ramsdell    41:42
Edythe Hulet                  51:35
Molly Childs                   57:25
Betty Dietrich               60:29

Kent Sizer
Steve Husko


Nick Bailey


Tiare Bailey


Patty Husko



Karl Johnson





Betty Dietrich