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Kent Cornucopia/Boomers 5k Championship

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by Jerry Dietrich
with photos by Bruce Fisher

7/14/18 – Kent

It was the most important, most definitive, hotly contested,  Silver Strider 5k of the year. Runners who routinely won their age group found themselves in 4th or 5th place. Placing in the top 3 in this field was an achievement. The Kent Cornucopia has become the most important 5k of the year for runners over 50. The reason is the joint efforts of Mark Hendrickson, Race Director of the Cornucopia race, and Dennis Zaborac, creator of the Boomer races. Together they have made the Cornucopia 5k a premier event.

Mark Hendrickson

Dennis Zaborac

Before the race, some runners jogged along the bike path while others stretched. Purple Boomer shirts were everywhere. Only two runners would have the chance to be triple winners in the Boomer Series. The competition had been so fierce that Jane Treleven and Mark Billett were the only two able to win both their age group battle and their age group in the Final Battle.

Could they prevail again today? Jane and Mark both positioned themselves to start at the front of the pack to avoid the initial congestion present on the bike path.

When the gun sounded, the elite runners sprinted away with the surging throng pushing them forward.

The race was chip timed, so some of the slower runners hung back waiting for the walkers to string out so they could start at their own pace without danger of being jostled or tripped. I waited a full 3 minutes before crossing the start mat. I was able to run unimpeded at my own pace, passing walkers who were walking along the right side of the path.

As I neared the one mile, a line of purple shirts streaked by headed for the finish line. The runners were sweating freely in the 75 degree heat. I started around the loop that comprised the turnaround. I was only able to see two or three runners ahead because of the curving nature of the path at that point.

Back on the straight portion of the course pointing toward the finish line, I continued to pass slower runners. Some were jogging in pairs talking and laughing, while others were like me, huffing and puffing giving their top effort.

Crossing the finish line, I was offered a bottle of water and a popsicle. I poured the water over my overheated head and the shock took my breath away.

Runners gathered in clusters, high on adrenaline, awaiting the awards ceremony. The awards went 5 deep in 5 year divisions up to 80 plus. Age group winners received plaques and 2nd through 5th received ribbons.

Since today’s race was the final Boomer race, the top runners in the state were gathered near the awards canopy. Race results were displayed on a table and runners checked the standings as they smiled or groaned depending on how they finished.

The first Silver Strider to finish was Daryl Montgomery in 18:39. The first Female Silver Strider to finish was Gail Hall in 21:06. Both were winners in the 55-59 age groups.

The Boomer competition was heavy, with one World Class time and 8 National Class times being posted. A  summary of the Boomer age grading, the final standings on prize money, and a photo gallery of Boomer Champions follow at the end of Bruce Fisher’s results photos.




          Here are the race results in photos by Bruce Fisher



  Boomers Final Battle Part II Winners on July 14,2018


Here is the final wrap-up for the Battle of the Boomers 2015-18

Total Prize Money Won In All Boomer Races

1. Jane Treleven$700
2. Joe Sheeran $500
3. Carol Sexton $340
4. Louise Mihay $310
5. Pat Warner $200
5. Mark Billett $200
5. John OHearn $200
8. Ed Heckard $150
9. Dave Sherman $130
10. Keith Lerew $120
11. Judy Fisher $100
11. Regina Joyce $100
11. David Crawford $100
11. Chloe Parr $100
11. Kristen Mossman $100
11. Richard Olafson $100
11. Arne Hales $100
11. Bryan Sepal $100
11. Barb Bumann $100
11. Larry Glenn $100
22. Jerry Dietrich $80
23. William Waters $70
24. 13 Runners $50
25. 11 Runners $40
26. 10 Runners $30
27. 9 Runners $20
28. 7 Runners $10
Total Prize Money $5,640



Top Battle of the Boomers performances age graded


Jane Treleven 92.70
Joe Sheeran 90.57
Pat Warner 89.83
Judy Fisher 89.57
Mark Billett 87.58
Carol Sexton 86.70
Gail Hall 86.17
Regina Joyce 85.38
David White-Espin 85.23
Lisa Knoblich 84.90
David Longmuir 83.85
John OHearn 83.80
Carol Grisso 83.63
Kristen Mossman 83.52
David Crawford 82.83

Donna Jackson 82.34
Becky Backstrom 82.31
Kent Sizer 81.06
Denis Villeneuve 80.60
Doug Beyerlein 80.04


The Battle of the Boomers 5k Champions

The Final Battle of the Boomers Part II, offered the top runners in each age group in the State of Washington, a chance to compete head to head, on the same course, under the same conditions. Here are your 2018 age group champions.

Daryl Montgomery M55-59

Mark Billett M60-64

David Crawford M65-69

David Longmuir M70-74

Larry Glenn M75-79

Jerry Dietrich M80-84

Gail Hall W55-59

Carol Sexton W60-64

Jane Treleven W65-69

Judy Fisher W70-74

Louise Mihay W75-79

Sally Krie W80-84































Dennis Zaborac presents the Championship trophy to Jane Treleven


Carol Sexton receives 2nd place Championship trophy and Most Improved trophy from Dennis Zaborac


Mark Billett 3rd Boomer overall and 1st Male Boomer 


The Silver Strider lunch following the race was held at Azteca Restaurant. It was attended by 25 runners who were there to help celebrate birthdays for Steve Husko, Tiare Bailey, and Linda Walker. Audrey Kirkwood treated everyone to one of her famous birthday cakes. Steve, Tiare, and Linda received the traditional sombrero birthday serenade.


Restaurant photos courtesy of Patty Husko








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