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2020 Grand Prix Series – Good News!

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                    Grand Prix Series – Good News!



by Betty Dietrich
with photos by Bruce Fisher


At the potluck held last October, it was announced that the Grand Prix Series to be held in 2019 would be the 10th and final Series. The announcement was met with disappointment.

For readers who are not familiar with the Grand Prix Series, here is a brief explanation:

The Grand Prix Series is the most popular program in the Silver Strider magazine. The Series, which consists of 28 races ranging from 5ks to the marathon, takes place in western Washington over the course of a year. Participants only need to complete 8 races in the Series to be a finisher. Each time a runner completes one of the Series races, they earn Grand Prix points based on how they place in their age division. There is no fee to participate in the GP Series and there are no limitations on the age of participants. Everyone 50 years of age and older is welcome.

Participation is encouraged. The more races runners and walkers finish in the Series, the more opportunities they have to earn GP points. This gives participants of all abilities the chance to receive recognition. At the end of the year, a party is held to honor the finishers. Every finisher receives a personalized trophy, and a gift certificate from a local running store.

The purpose of the Grand Prix Series is to help runners and walkers stay motivated and active throughout the year. At a time when many people are experiencing a slowdown in their lives, The GP Series provides the incentive for them to keep physically active. They look forward to running or walking races on the GP Series schedule. Being a part of the Grand Prix Series has resulted in rewarding friendships and a strong camaraderie among participants as they support, encourage and cheer each other. Newcomers are always welcome and are embraced by the Silver Strider family.


So when it looked like the Grand Prix Series was coming to an end, a call went out to the Silver Striders to see if it would be feasible to continue the program in 2020. The work it would take to put on a Series would require six volunteers with one person to coordinate the entire program.


The Silver Strider is very happy to announce that ALLEN WALKER has agreed to take over the 2020 Grand Prix Series. For the past 5 months, Allen has been handling the scoring of the Grand Prix Series. He prepared spreadsheets to keep track of each runner’s GP points and standing in their age division. Allen has been doing a great job and will continue with these duties when he takes over as Coordinator of the 2020 GP Series.



Bruce Fisher



BRUCE FISHER will continue to wear many hats in the service of the Silver Strider. Bruce set up financial ledgers last year to keep track of Grand Prix Series fundraising programs and will continue to do so in 2020. His GP calendar has been the most popular fundraising feature of the GP Series. Bruce, affectionately known as Flash Fisher, is also the official photographer at the GP Series races, providing awesome photos and visual race results at each event.



Nancy Larsen


The Silver Striders have enjoyed the decorating talent of NANCY LARSEN at each party. Her decorations are legendary and have helped to make the annual Awards and Potluck Parties a success. In 2020, Nancy’s role in the GP Series will expand. Nancy will oversee managing all of the responsibilities of each party, from selecting the venue to ordering the trophies.




Karen Lichtenstein


The Grand Prix Series has numerous additional jobs which require volunteers. KAREN LICHTENSTEIN, will be serving as project liason in 2020 to keep these programs going.

Karen will work with LINDA WALKER on Silver Strider apparel, SANDRA MADDEN on communications, PATTY & STEVE HUSKO on post-race get togethers, and MOLLY CHILDS on the Silver Strider roster and birthday list. Karen will also work with the Silver Strider list of contributors to provide race reports for GP races.



Linda Walker

Sandra Madden

Steve and Patty Husko

Molly Childs









JERRY AND BETTY DIETRICH will continue to administer the Grand Prix Series in 2019 as we transition to the new team the following year. In 2020, Jerry will continue to work with Silver Strider sponsors to provide gift certificates for the Rewarding Runners program. Betty will continue to work with race directors to set up the 2020 GP Series Schedule and seek free entry certificates.



The 10th Annual Grand Prix Series begins in January 2019. We are delighted to report that, thanks to this team of dedicated volunteers, the Grand Prix Series will continue on in 2020!




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