Huntsman World Senior Games

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Huntsman World Senior Games

xxxxxxBy Edythe Hulet

October – 2021

Here is my report on Huntsman games.

Day 1 – Weather was very changeable. Rain and wind to start the 1000m power walk. Half way through the sun came out and got very warm.


Day 3 was below freezing for the 5K power walk and the sun came out and coats came off after the race was over. Being from Washington, I was prepared for any kind of weather. As you can see, I was wearing sweat pants, warm coat, hat and mittens for the 5K power walk.

My only ‘complaint’ is not knowing when events would happen. So on day three I was signed up for my 3 favorite events but they were held at the same time. I chose the power walk.

Not many photos as it wasn’t convenient. I just competed 3 days. Concert on Tues. night was Earth, Wind and Fire. I didn’t go. It was great seeing so many friends and making new ones.

I had a productive conversation with the guy who is in charge of the trail run. They don’t start it until 1:30..the hottest time of the day, no water stops.  Seven miles. Lots of uphill and treacherous downhill. I did it in 2019 and was ‘sick’ several times. This year 2 guys fell and were injured. One guy got lost and was found hours later. I think/hope they will do better next year.

Photo of the 3 amigas has Sue Gillespie (a former WA games participant) and her sister who was doing the games for the first time.

The people who conducted the power walk have been asked to conduct the National Games power walk. They do a great job. I think they were the people who got the power walk included in the National Games to start with. I managed to not get disqualified this year.

Note: If you have to wear one of those numbers with the adhesive on the back, you may be left with residue you can’t get off.  I heard about Goo Gone and it’s magic.



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