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Grand Prix Series Awards Party – 2017

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The Silver Striders Award Party



By Jerry Dietrich
with Photos by Bruce Fisher


5/13/17 – Tacoma

The 7th Annual Silver Strider Awards Party was held at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma. The awards were to take place in two parts. Part one was the TOP IO Super Athlete awards. Part two was the Grand Prix Series awards.

The banquet room was packed. 











Part One – South Sound Running Super Athletes – 2016

Betty Dietrich was introduced as the Silver Strider online magazine Editor. Betty was also credited with being the catalyst for the Silver Striders by setting in motion events that would culminate in this awards party.

Bruce Fisher was introduced as Silver Strider photographer, Rewarding Runners Financial Officer, and creator of the Silver Strider Calendar.

Next the TOP IO contributors were introduced. These are the volunteers who compile the rankings. They are: Ed Heckard 5k, David Longmuir 10k, Jerry Dietrich Half, and Judy Fisher Marathon.

To gain Super Athlete status the athlete must be ranked in the TOP IO at all four distances on December 1, 2016. Only 9 athletes in the state of Washington achieved this remarkable feat.



Each of these runners was presented with a  personalized Super Athlete Ring and a gift certificate from South Sound Running.





The Super Athletes were recognized for possessing both speed and endurance. Below are the Super Athletes in order of presentation with rankings shown in parenthesis for 5k, 10k, Half, and Marathon.

Dave Sherman (6-7-6-7)

Arne Hales (1, 10, 4, 8)

Sandra Madden (4, 5, 4, 5)

Bob Hoekman (5-6-3-1)

Carol Sexton (3-4-2-2)

Mick Allen (2-4-2-1)

Ed Heckard (2-1-1-3)

Judy Fisher (1-1-2-2)

Kristen Mossman (2-1-1-1)

Super Athletes (l to r) – Mick Allen,Ed Heckard, Judy Fisher, Carol Sexton, Kristen Mossman, Ed Hoekman, Sandra Madden, Dave Sherman, Arne Hales.



























Part Two – The Tab Wizard’s Grand Prix Series Awards – 2016-17

Jerry Dietrich – Emcee

Jerry Dietrich opened the Grand Prix Awards ceremony with a request for a moment of silence for our departed 2016 Silver Strider of the Year, Kaye V Ladd.

Kaye V Ladd – Silver Strider of the Year – 2016










Jim Dollar holds the Finishers Trophy


Acknowledgement of the contributions by the party committee, Molly Childs, Nanci Larsen, and Tiare Bailey were made.

Thanks were given to our sponsors: The Tab Wizard, South Sound Running, Super Jock n Jill, TCMA, Fleet Feet of Tacoma, West Seattle Runner, Rt. 16 Running, Shoes n Feet and The Balanced Athlete.

Each finisher in the Grand Prix Series received a personalized trophy and a free entry to an upcoming Series race. First place finishers also received a gift certificate for a pair of shoes from South Sound Running, 2nd through 4th place finishers received a $50 gift certificate, and 5th and higher received a $40 gift certificate.

The awards were given in 5 year age groups starting with Men 50-54 and ending with Women 85-89.


Men 50-54 – Brig Seidl 1st, Igor Velichko 2nd

Women 50-54 – Dora Choi 1st, Linda Walker 2nd, Sue Wirsch 3rd

Men 55-59 – Keith Lerew 1st, Allen Walker 2nd

W55-59 – Kimmer Muenz 1st, Audrey Kirkwood 2nd

Men 60-64 – Steve Husko 3rd, Dave Sherman 1st, not shown Ed Barney 2nd

W60-64 – Patty Husko 4th, Tiare Bailey 3rd, Charlea Sherman 1st, not shown Susan Hall 2nd

Men 65-69 (l to r) – Dennis Zaborac 4th, Martinho Ribeiro 2nd, John Marsteller 3rd, Tim Oguri 1st, Ray Arrington 6th, Nick Bailey 5th, not shown Mike Henderson 7th, Fred Beavon 8th

Women 65-69 (l to r) – Sandra Madden 1st, Huong Delabar 2nd, Nanci Larsen 3rd, Marsha Murray 4th

Men 70-74 (l to r) – Arne Hales 1st, Steve Ramsdell 2nd, Dave Anderson 3rd

Women 70-74 (l to r) – Betty Dietrich 4th, Judy Fisher 1st, Gretchen Ramsdell 2nd, Karen Lichtenstein 3rd, Sandi Newman 5th, Holly Hall 6th

Men 75-79 (l to r) – Jerry Bronson 1st, Larry Larsen 2nd, Jim Dollar 3rd


Women 75-79 (l to r) – Molly Childs 1st, Louise Mihay 2nd, not shown Edythe Hulet 3rd 

Women 85-89 – Chloe Parr 1st place Grand Prix Series. W85-89 Boomer Champion Emeritus














Table centerpieces designed by Nanci Larsen. Each was filled with 5k, 10k, and Silver Strider  M and M’s. 



Prize drawings, donated by merchants and Silver Striders, were held throughout the program. They included an Emerald Downs Day At The Races, (2) 1 hour massage therapy gift certificates from BeHive massage, gift cards to many outstanding restaurants, and $50 bowling gift cards from Kent Bowl.

The final drawing of the afternoon gave away two major prizes.

First was the grand prize, an overnight stay for two in a luxurious fireplace, jacuzzi suite at the Wesley Inn of Gig Harbor. The winners of this coveted prize were Steve and Patty Husko.

The second main prize was a deluxe Fitbit Heart Monitor watch, donated by Molly Childs in appreciation to all of the Silver Striders who generously contributed to the BTA 5k on her daughter’s behalf. Nick Bailey was the winner of the drawing.

Judy Fisher – Perfect score champion

A special achievement award was given to Judy Fisher as the “Perfect Score Champion.” Judy set a record with 27 consecutive first place finishes in the 2016-2017 Grand Prix Series.  Judy was presented with a bottle of champagne with her name and achievement customized on the label.

Bruce Fisher – Silver Strider of the Year


The next award was a closely guarded secret. Everyone eagerly awaited the announcement of who would be recognized as the “Silver Strider of the Year”.  In appreciation for his dedication, participation and enthusiasm, this year’s recipient was Bruce Fisher. Bruce received a standing ovation accepting his plaque and $50 gift certificate.


The final award of the afternoon, as described in Betty’s report, was the presentation to Steve and Patty Husko, Mr. & Ms. Grand Prix, of the prestigious Sandra Madden Award for Exceptional Performance. They each received an elegant trophy and a $50 gift certificate.


Photo Gallery by Bruce Fisher

Allen and Linda Walker

Arne Hales

Brig Seidl and Wendy

Dave and Charlea Sherman

Carol Sexton

Dave Anderson and Christine Edmonds

Barb Barney

Debbie and Keith Lerew

Dora Choi

Ed Heckard and Bob Hoekman

Gretchen and Steve Ramsdell

Dennis Zaborac

Holly and Jim Dollar

Holly Hall

Isabelle Noriet and Gary Pelroy

Huong Delabar

Laura and Jerry Bronson

Martinho Ribeiro

Karen Lichtenstein, Marsha Murray, Nanci Larsen, Larry Larsen

Mike and Kristen Mossman

Molly Childs

Nick and Tiare Bailey

Ray Arrington

Roger and Louise Mihay

Sandi Newman

Roger and Michele Dean

Sandra Madden

Tatania and Igor Velichko

Sue Wirsh

Linda and Mick Allen

Tim Oguri

Kimmer and Dan Muenz

A toast to Judy Fisher


Silver Strider Awards Party – Group Photo








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