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Silver Strider Grand Prix Series 2010-11 Results

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The Silver Strider Grand Prix Series for 2010-2011.

The Silver Strider Grand Prix Awards party was held on Sunday, May 1st at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma, following the Tacoma City Marathon. A great time was had by all.
SPECIAL THANKS to our Grand Prix and Top 10 Sponsors. Also a thank you to the party  contributors for the drawing prizes.
SPECIAL AWARDS were given to:
Laura White for creative excellence and artist achievement in graphic design.
Tony Phillippi for special contributions and support during our first year.
Achievement Award winners are as follows;
Most races Male – George Gonzales “Mr. Grand Prix”
Most races Female – Judy Fisher “Miss Grand Prix”
First Male to reach 80 points – None
First Female to reach 80 points – Jean Cornwell

The finishers are pictured below. All finishers completed 8 races and received a “Silver Strider Trophy”.

Final Grand Prix Standings – Men

Men 50-54

1. George Gonzales 63pts.  13 races

Arthur Dunn        57pts.    6 races*

George Unruh      42pts.    6 races*

Bob Martin           21pts.    5 races*


Men 55-59

1. Mike Hominda 47pts.  8 races   

2. Bob Michaels 35 pts. 9 races

Ken Homan      47pts.     5 races*

Mike Middleton  16pts.     5 races*


Men 60-64

Tim Oguri 57pts.     7 races*

Pat McCoid     39pts.     6 races*


Men 65-69

1. Arne Hales 79pts. 10 races


Men 70-74

1. Bill Fleener 75pts. 10 races 

2. Larry Larsen 70pts. 11 races 

3. Jim Dollar 54 pts. 8 races


Men 75-79

1. Jerry Dietrich 79pts. 11 races


Final Grand Prix Standings – Women

Women 50-54

Susan Hall     31pts.       5 races*


Women 65-69

1. Judy Fisher 80pts. 11 races   

2. Betty Dietrich 69 pts. 8 races


Women 70-74

1. Jean Cornwell 80 pts. 10 races

* honorable mention for those who completed 5 or more races, but did not reach the 8 race minimum.


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