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………. ….. …. The FSRC Resolution Run 5k



by Karen Lichtenstein
with photos by Bruce Fisher


1/4/19 – Steilacoom

The weather forecast for Saturday morning predicted wind and rain so some runners prepared for the Resolution Run 5k with rain jackets and warm hats.

It started to rain before the race, and most of us stayed inside the warm, dry Steilacoom High School until we had to walk down to the race start. The race course for the 5k is a fairly flat, fast course with only one short steep hill as you leave the track and start up to the parking lot.

Darren Hatcher

The race director, Darrin Hatcher, did a great job of organizing volunteers along the race course, and he carefully explained the importance of staying on the sidewalks or trails during the race.

There were 161 participants in the 5k, and an impressive 49% of the walkers and runners were Silver Striders. Darrin Hatcher even mentioned the great turnout of Silver Striders in his race report.

I had a chance to talk with a number of Silver Striders before the race, and one of the recurring themes was the challenge of injuries, accidents, and illnesses. In spite of the challenges, we showed up and did our best to start the year with a good race. The Resolution Run was the beginning of a new year, a new decade, and a new racing season for the Silver Striders.

I got off to a fast start on the track, but I was out of breath as I climbed the steep hill so I slowed down. I reminded myself to focus on my pace and my breathing.

Shortly after we turned onto Steilacoom Boulevard, the man ahead of me stopped to pick up a large branch that was blocking the shoulder of the road. He carried the branch until he reached an open area where he could throw the branch away. It was very considerate of him to clear the way for the rest of us.

I had barely passed the one-mile mark when I saw the lead runner racing toward us. He had completed two miles in the time it takes me to run a little more than one mile. The first man to finish, Jacob Laws, averaged 5:24 per mile! Some of the Silver Striders were not far behind him, and I watched the stream of runners heading back to the finish.

I was surprised to see Keith Lerew because he told me that he had a calf injury that interfered with his training, and I did not expect to see him in the group of lead runners. He finished the race with an excellent time of 21:37. What a great way to start the year.

I saw Erick Lindbergh, and I noticed Kimmer Muenz was not far behind him. Last month, Kimmer told me that one of her goals has been to beat Erick in a race, and it looked like she had a very good chance in this race. Of course, she told Erick that she was trying to beat him. When I checked the results later, Kimmer finished just four seconds behind Erick. The competition seems to inspire both of them.

As I approached the high school, I discovered that I had some competition as well. Tiare Bailey caught up with me and passed me. I worked hard to stay within sprinting distance of Tiare as we raced around the track. When we were within 50 feet of the finish line, I started to sprint and so did Tiare. Tiare finished one second ahead of me. Congratulations to Tiare, and thank you for helping me run faster in the race.

Gary Petro was the first male Silver Strider finishing in 18:48. The first female Silver Strider was Kimmer Muenz finishing in 25:18.


After the race, there was plenty of food and hot beverages. There were sliced oranges, bananas, muffins, bagels, hot chocolate, and coffee. The high school locker rooms and showers were available as well.

………………. …… Thanks to the Tacoma City Running Club for a great race.


Jerry’s notes: 

The Resolution Run was the 100th Grand Prix Series race for Keith Lerew. Congratulations to Keith, our newest member of the Century Club.

Keith Lerew














……………. ………. The race results in photos by Bruce Fisher



Resolution brunch took place at Bur’s Restaurant following the race (Steve Husko photo)










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