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xxxxxxxxxxExxxxx XlElwha Bridge 5k, 10 & Half

xBxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx By Arne Hales

Elwha Bridge Half – what a difference a location makes!

When I accepted the challenge of the Distance Derby, my plan was to run each race on the course associated with that event. In these times it pays to be flexible.

Upon closer inspection of the schedule I decided that traveling to the Jefferson & Clallam Counties entailed more ferry rides than I was prepared for. Also, when the Half Marathon was added to the Elwha Bridge run I became cautious about attempting a half marathon unsupported on a trail I was not familiar with.

Plan B was to run my virtual run locally and then take an easy day trip to Port Angeles. Jean was all for getting out of the house on this excursion.

Traveling back through Sequim we located the Railroad Bridge Park for a photo op there also. Thereby eliminating at least one ferry ride.

Railroad Bridge
Railroad Bridge
Elwha Bridge
Elwha Bridge

I will say that both locations were very inviting. I could have easily talked myself into pounding out a 5K just to see what the trails were like. It was a beautiful day in Port Angeles. A little cold but nothing that a good run would not have taken care of.

I believe the NODM goes across the Railroad Bridge, but I don’t remember it from 2019. But then, there are a lot of things I don’t remember. And not just from that marathon!

For my actual run I chose the morning of Super Bowl Sunday. In normal times Jean and I would be in Green Valley, AZ (south of Tucson). My 4 or 5 year tradition is to compete annually in the Fleet Feet Arizona Trail Race.

Up at 0 dark 30 to drive an hour + in the dark to the La Posta Quemada Ranch for a somewhat grueling 8 mile trail run beginning just as the sun comes up.

Showing how small the world is: last year at the start line I lined up with Martinho Riberio. I’m sure several Striders remember Martinho. We met up again at the finish (he waited around for me) and we compared scraped knees.

This year I made it easier on myself and started south from Lake Forest Park on the Burke – Gilman trail at about 9:30 AM. Plenty of time to get home for the Super Bowl. At least I hoped!

I could have chosen a better day for weather – mostly rain. When my daughter inquires how my runs go I usually respond “a walk in the park.” Truth is, I actually did walk a bit towards the end. Although I have been working on ramping up my training, this was my longest run since… the Skagit Flats Marathon in September of 2019.

I do wonder if getting my first shot of the Moderna Vaccine two days earlier might have caused some of my fatigue.

In all I was satisfied with my results and recovery. However the next several races do look a little daunting. Maybe my choices of the longer distances was a mistake?

Jean and I are both hopeful that by May we can plan on staying overnight in Port Townsend with me running a real race once again with the Silver Striders. And then on to the NODM!




Jerry’s notes:

Elwha Bridge Results For Derby Players


Men 5k


Allen Walker             29:26


Ken Peper                   22:56

Karl Johnson             26:44

Brett Langlois           38:48


Steve Husko               26:06


Ray Arrington           35:00


Bob Davies                  38:53

Steve Ramsdell         47:24


Larry Larsen               53:67


Jerry Dietrich            42:22

Men 10k


Ed Barney                     56:35



David Anderson       1:45:12

Dave Sherman           1:48:32


Nick Bailey                   2:29:49

Jim Dollar                     5:27:53


Arne Hales                   2:24:09      




Women 5k


Cherie Langlois         44:58

Linda Walker             53:20


Charlea Sherman      29:23

Patty Husko                 47:59


Nanci Larsen                35:26

Karen Lichtenstein  30:18


Gretchen Ramsdell  41:52

Diane Johnson            42:43

Betty Dietrich             63:47


LouiseMihay               34:26

Molly Childs                53:59

Women 10k


Marsha Murray         1:57:28


Diane Martin              1:40:01


Isabelle Noiret            68:18


Edythe Hulet               1:57:07

Women Half


Tiare Bailey                  2:23:00


Judy Fisher                  2:13:48



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