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C-19 The Midway Battle

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      Paddling in Mid-Stream


By Roger Dean   


“So it is that the poverty of an exile brings no misfortune, for no place of exile is so barren as not to produce ample support for a person.” Seneca.

We are in a form of exile from C-19. We are experiencing our own personal battles of Midway with the fog of confusion blocking our view of the other shore. The simple act of “just keeping paddling” holds the key to victory.

The real Battle of Midway in WWII changed the course of the war with Japan. A squadron of dive bombers, running low on fuel, no Japanese fleet in sight, just kept paddling. Perseverance prevailed and four aircraft carriers were destroyed. The small act made all the difference.








It’s natural for motivation to flag when the future is unpredictable, our efforts unrewarding. The finish line seemingly running away from us. We break form and become human question marks, in body, mind and spirit, worry piled upon worry, it becomes recyclable.

In a way we become victims of seizures, the more we have, the more we get. We stop paddling, the only part of our body strengthening is our arm opening the refrigerator door.

In exile, in Midway crisis, in the marathon, the secret of success is how we kept paddling. How we kept form.


Your grandstanding dash to the finish is like signing a peace agreement. It was all made possible during the small, meaningful acts at Midway. 













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