Adjustment and Acceptance

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The New Normal?


……Adjustment And Acceptance

                        by Judy Fisher
…………..with Photos by Bruce Fisher

The world is in flux. We don’t know what tomorrow’s headlines will be. As soon as we think we have a sense of control over our lives, Breaking News flashes across our screen.

The warning that has become part of my psyche is always be ready for the unexpected.

Months ago, this new awareness was manageable. OK, I thought. I can do this until a cure or vaccine is discovered or concocted in a lab. Cover up, distance, wash up – easy enough. But now, five distressful months later, we are still treading unknown waters. Thus, I anxiously wait for normal to get back to normal again.

In the meantime, I bike the Orting Trail and run my daily morning mileage, remembering how it once was – running real races amid a crowd of real fellow runners. My challenge now is to PR every day which, in turn, increases stress and invites failure but I am, nonetheless, still motivated.

I ran a few virtual runs and was surprised that I actually felt like I was racing. Is this the new normal? It can’t be considered competition since participants all run/walk different routes and experience varying elevation gains/losses and in different weather conditions.

I wonder if someday we will look back on all this and think how fortunate we were to have lived in the Running Era when we all felt free to shake hands and give high fives at the finish line. I think we all appreciate and now miss giving a friendly pat on the back or a hug when greeting a fellow Silver Strider at the races. I know I do.

My framework of racing almost every weekend for about 35 years has been put on hold.  I now use my days to hike, kayak, read, and, of course, continue to train, all of which I thoroughly enjoy.

Since libraries have been shuttered due to the virus, I have been re-reading my favorite books from my own library. One is Dandelion Growing Wild, a memoir by Kim Jones, once a prominent northwest runner. 

Between a Rock and a Hard Place will definitely keep your attention as you read how Aron Ruston who, after being pinned down under a boulder in the Colorado mountains, managed to save his life by severing his own arm.

I enjoyed Rising, a memoir by Sharon Wood, the first North American woman on Everest and Amazon Woman by Darcy Gaechter who was the only woman to kayak the entire length of the Amazon River.

Some Of  My Favorite Books

I continue to search out memoirs or films of people doing amazing things. An exceedingly challenging and torturous race through the woods in Tennessee can be viewed in the documentary The Barkley Marathons, one of the hardest races in the world of ultrarunning.

I have returned to my past love of kayaking. Gliding across the water on a blue-sky summer day gives me a feeling of peace and serenity, much needed in these days of unrest.


Gliding Across The Water


Years ago we made a wise investment. We bought a lifetime National Parks Pass for Seniors (62+). It cost $10 per car. The fee is now $80!

Every summer we try to hike our favorite trails – Panorama Point, Fremont Lookout, Burroughs Mountain and Naches Peak.

This is how we celebrate our summer birthdays and our anniversary. Nothing refreshes the soul for us like seeing Mt. Rainier in all her glory!

If we are lucky, we’ll see mountain goats, marmots, pica, deer, and a bear or two. And the wildflowers! Travelers come from all over the world to see what we have in our own backyard! Mask up and go early in the day to avoid crowds.

The Mountain In All Her Glory

 If it appears I am trying to escape reality . . . Yes, I am and it is wonderful!

Make it your goal to find and develop your passion. That’s what makes life the exciting adventure that it can be for every one of us.


Jerry’s Notes: Judy Fisher introduced “Challenge 20”  with her article “Silver Strider Strong” in early March.  Judy’s latest article, “Adjustment and Acceptance” launches a new Silver Strider program: Challenge 20 – Part 2!

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