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With Covid-19 and it’s variant on the rise again, we feel obligated to offer an alternative to Tortoise and Hare Series participants who might be concerned about exposure at races.
If you are concerned about exposure to Covid, you have the option to do any or all of the next three races virtually:
Saturday, 10/2 Fly 5k Tukwila
Sunday, 10/31 Run Scared 5k Seattle
Thursday, 11/25 Tacoma City Turkey Trot 5k Tacoma

If you haven’t completed any races yet and want to participate in the Series, there are 4 races left. You can do the next 3 in person or virtually.
The final race in December is required to be a finisher. We will participate in person together. It will be a very small field. The location will be announced at a later date.
Virtual races will be done as in the past. On the designated date, run a 5k on a course of your choice (flat if possible) and send a picture of your Garmin or distance device to:
If you have any questions contact me by email at the above address.


A change in the minimum number of races required to be a finisher in the Tortoise and Hare  Series. The minimum number has been changed from 5 races to 4 due to some schedule conflicts.


The Tortoise and Hare Series
s new! It’s exciting! It’s a handicap series full of twists and turns.
All Series finishers (4 or more races) of this exciting July to December series will receive a trophy at our annual awards luncheon.
The handicaps will be adjusted following each race. Anyone can win!


Important Announcement!
Our new email address:


For your protection and peace of mind  Silver Strider online has updated it’s Anti Malware Security and Brute Force Firewall. Visiting silverstrider.com is completely safe. Go to the Google transparency report for an unbiased  safety check of any website.


The TOP IO and Super Athlete features are suspended for 2020. The Super Athletes for 2019 can be found on  the  “Hall Of Fame ” page.


Just a reminder. Our magazine is not formatted for cell phone viewing. It is designed to be viewed on a computer monitor (large, small or laptop). It can also be viewed nicely on a tablet.







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