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2017 Tortoise And Hare 5k Race








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The 2016 Tortoise and Hare 5k Fun Run and Potluck




by Jerry Dietrich
with photos by Bruce Fisher


10/1/16 – Tacoma 



“What a great race and party you organized yesterday. You sure know how to throw a shindig.” – Sandra Madden

“Thank you for a lovely outing. It was even better than the last.” – Charlea Sherman

“This is my favorite race of the year.” – Roger Dean

“It was a lot of fun as usual. I was very impressed with the amount of food.” – Molly Childs

“Saturday’s race and potluck turned out very nice…it was lots of fun.” – Audrey Kirkwood

“There were several Striders turning on the burners at the finish line.” – Bruce  Fisher

“I wore my Silver Strider shoe charm on Saturday. Striders continually inspire me to do my best.” – Susan Hall

“I had a great time.” – Ray Arrington

“We really enjoyed today. Thank you.” – Allen and Linda Walker

What prompted this praise for The Tortoise and Hare 5k Fun Run and Potluck?

One reason for the popularity of this event is it’s unique nature.

Rather than start all runners together, we strive to have them all finish together. How do we do this? We track performances all year long for runners over 50 who do 3 or more of our races. Then we assign each runner a handicap.

Another reason for the popularity of the run is because it is the Grand Prix Series T-shirt run for this year. All runners wearing their GP Series shirt receive 10 Grand Prix points regardless of their finish position.

                            The Tortoise and Hare Fun Run


The weather prediction called for rain. Runners felt like they dodged a bullet as they gathered for the start under partly cloudy skies with no rain. There was no wind to speak of and the flat scenic course beckoned with the promise of speed.

The runners assembled in four groups with each group reporting to the start line at a pre-arranged time. When an individual name was called out, that runner would commence running.

27 minutes and 30 seconds had elapsed from when the first walker set out, to when the final runner left the start line.

The final runner, Keith Lerew, and the next to last starter, Ed Barney, started with only one runner in sight. At the finish both men had worked their way through the field nearly to the top.  Ed Barney finished 6th and Keith Lerew finished 8th in the men’s race.

The woman’s race saw Sandi Newman 71, start off first, never to be caught, as she led wire to wire.


Sandi Newman

The first man to finish was Jerry Bronson, who started in group two. Jerry passed all the men who had started ahead of him without being passed by anyone.


Jerry Bronson


Six of those running were finishing their 8th series race. Eight races is the number of Grand Prix Series races required to be a Series finisher for 2016-17. The six Series finishers were: Molly Childs, Dave Anderson, Keith Lerew, Tiare Bailey, Marsha Murray, and Ed Barney.

grandprix (2)







Molly Childs – Series finisher


Dave Anderson – Series finisher


Keith Lerew – Series finisher


Tiare Bailey – Series finisher


Marsha Murray – Series finisher


Ed Barney – Series finisher









All Tortoise and Hare 5k finishers crossed the finish line within a two minute time spread.

Leaving the finish area, everyone piled into their cars and began the caravan to the Highlands Golf Course for the potluck lunch.

               The Potluck

The meeting room at the golf course was set up the day before and the tables were arranged to accommodate all of the fun run participants plus their guests.

It was immediately evident that the counter space was not large enough as the food began to pour in. Another long table was set up and it too was soon jammed to the edges with food.


Click on this photo and it will appear on a page by itself. Click on it again and feast your eyes


Click on this photo and it will appear on a page by itself. Click on it again for enlargement.

Nanci Larsen - finisher

Nanci Larsen









Nanci Larsen, the Potluck Chairman, had purchased tablecloths for all the tables and made beautiful centerpieces for each one.

Molly Childs (1) 9

Molly Childs


Molly Childs made sure that everyone entering the room received a name badge and a ticket to our drawings.

The food was great and the company better. What a great social event!


Following lunch, I made introductions and announcements.


Bruce Fisher


Bruce Fisher was introduced as the man who named the Seattle Seahawks. Bruce was also acknowledged as the Silver Strider photographer.

Next, Bruce conducted drawings for free entries into upcoming races.

I announced the Silver Strider online’s newest feature, the Silver Store. The items offered were described including a new item, runners jewelry.

The awards ceremony commenced with the top 10 female  finishers receiving their trophies. Then the top 10 male finishers received their trophies.





The festivities were concluded and everyone pitched in to cleanup. Fifteen minutes later, the room was cleaned, the tables put away, and trash bagged up.

The afternoon concluded with laughter, hugs, and congratulations.

As we bid our goodbyes I had one thought…. What a magnificent group of people. It was truly another great party!


















Currently handicapped  for 2017


Mickey Allen
Dave Anderson (71)*
David Anderson (62)*
Connie Appleyard
Ray Arrington*
Becky Backstrom
Nick Bailey*
Tiare Bailey*
Ed Barney*
Fred Beavon
Linda Benefil
Mark Billett
Archie Blakely
Betty Boudwin
Jerry Bronson*
Jeff Brown
Linda Burt
Ron Chew
Molly Childs*
Dora Choi*
Scott Clayton
Nora Collings
Hiromi Conley
David Crawford
C B Crouse
Robert Davies
Roger Dean
Huong Delabar*
Betty Dietrich*
Jerry Dietrich
Jim Dollar*
Patrick Dwyer
Theodore Even
Elbert Field
Judy Fisher*
Vicki Griffiths
Carol Grisso*
George Gonzales
Arne Hales
Dale Hall*
Gail Hall
Holly Hall
Susan Hall*
Ed Heckard*
Mike Henderson
Edythe Hulet
Patty Husko*
Steve Husko*
William Jackson
Diane Johnson
Kevin Kent
Audrey Kirkwood*
Lisa Knoblich
Carolyn Ladd*
Larry Larsen*
Nanci Larsen*
Keith Lerew*
Karen Lichtenstein*
Erick Lindberg
David Longmuir
Barbara Macklow
Sandra Madden*
Sandra Maib
Peter Marshall
John Marsteller*
Diane Martin*
Louise Mihay*
Chuck Milliman
Kristin Mossman
Kimmer Muenz
Marsha Murray*
Sandi Newman*
Isabelle Noiret
Tim Oguri
John Ohearn
Chloe Parr
Ken Peper
Louie Pratt
Gretchen Ramsdell*
Steve Ramsdell*
Martinho Ribeiro*
Brig Seidl
Brian Sepal
Carol Sexton
Joe Sheeran
Charlea Sherman*
Dave Sherman*
Ken Sizer*
Stephanie Stebich
Chris Steer
Mark Stockslager
Jane Treleven
Igor Velichko
Allen Walker*
Linda Walker*
David White-Espin
Sue Wirsch*
Dennis Zaborac*








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