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Anacortes Art Festival Half Marathon

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          The Anacortes Art Dash Half Marathon

by Nanci Larsen
with photos by Bruce Fisher

8/5/17- Anacortes

Anacortes usually thought of as a small city located in Skagit County and known as the gateway to the San Juan Islands and Victoria ferries transformed itself into an art festival extraordinaire the weekend of August 4th-6th.

This small town puts on an annual arts festival that draws craft people from all around the world with 250 booths to display and sell their crafts, 3 performance stage areas, 4 beer gardens along with food vendors galore; something for everyones tastes whether shopping or getting a bite to eat.

One of the draws this weekend was the 12th annual Art Dash with race distances of 5k and 10k with the feature race being the half marathon. This race was a flash from the past with pull tags turned in at the finish establishing runners finish times.

All race destinations started at city hall and finished on the port dock. Pre-race announcements were made and the race director was happy to announce there would be no problem at the train crossing. Never having done this race before, I was unaware of what she was talking about but would definitely find out the answer further down the road.


The half marathon runners took off at a quick pace which separated the pack quickly; thinking to myself are they going to keep this pace for the next 13 miles?

About 5 blocks into the race I saw a couple jump into the race; thought “shame on you”.

The race began on city streets and then we jumped on the Tommy Thompson Parkway which was a nice wide trail. The race director had announced that all the race events were identified with green paint and not to be confused with marking from previous events.

Breaks along the blacktop were well marked so runners could avoid dangerous trip hazards. Runners stayed on the parkway until they crossed the Trestle turning left and then a quick right onto North Texas Road (which is a BIG hill)! Upon reaching the top runners headed down toward March Point Road circling back to the causeway and following the route we had taken earlier.

Well, that was the plan for the race course to follow. So, back to my comment earlier about not knowing what they meant by the reference to the train. As I was reaching the end of the Trestle to make the two turns for the North Texas Road hill, I heard a train whistle and thought “NO, I can’t beat that train!”

The majority of the runners had successfully beat the train and were able to tackle the hill at the 4 mile point; however, we were routed to take the course in reverse hoping the train would be gone when we reached the North Texas Road. The lucky “beat the train” runners had a nice gradual downhill run along March Point Road, but since we were running the course in reverse order we had a slight uphill climb to North Texas Road possibly affecting finish time results.

After passing all the runners coming down, we were somewhat concerned that we did not see any race volunteers and were wondering if we had gone too far. Some of the runners turned back when their Garmins indicated they gone past the 6 mile mark, but in doing so added a mile onto their distance. The rest of us that kept going up the ‘road to nowhere’ finally found a water stop and were directed on our way to North Texas Road where the train had departed and we could complete the course.


Event details:
* All runners received the same event t-shirt. The half marathoners were awarded finishers medals.
* 5K – 140 runners 10K – 60 runners Half Marathon – 125 runners
* The first Silver Strider male finisher in the half was Michael Methven with a finish time of 1:44:24

Michael Methvin

* The first Silver Strider female finisher in the half was Monica Langfeldt with a finish time of 1:51:43

Monica Langfeldt



* All the runners currently competing in this years Grand Prix Series placed in their respective age groups in
the 5K, 10K and half marathon races.

* Post race snacks included water, bananas, oranges and Clif protein bars.





* Judy Fisher and Nancy Larsen became the first finishers in the Grand Prix Series for 2017-2018.

Judy Fisher – Grand Prix Series Finisher

Nanci Larsen – Grand Prix Series Finisher


Nichole Johnston – Race Director
















Kudos to the race director Nicole Johnston who was able to side-step the train issue. Nicole is already looking forward to next year’s event and is already rethinking the half marathon course route and adding chip timing.








Half Marathon Results in photos by Bruce Fisher


5k and 10k photos by Bruce Fisher

Silver Strider 5 and 10k Group Photo


Despite having 9 legs, Octo Puss dropped out after 20 yards citing inadequate footwear.

On the other hand, running legend, Rudy Gahler, age 89, had no problem running a strong 5k.

Octo Puss

Rudy Gahler















10k runner, Jerry Dietrich (#112) and 5k runner, Larry Larsen (#166), ran together to the 5k turnaround wearing Grand Prix Series shirts.



Pre-race carbo load dinner and Nanci’s 70th birthday celebration on Friday

Photos by Jerry Dietrich

















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