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A Race For Everyone

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                   The North Olympic Discovery Marathon


by Dave Sherman
with photos by Bruce Fisher

6/2/19 – Port Angeles


                              A Race for Everyone

Sure, there are four or five races on the Silver Striders race calendar where you can choose your own race distance, but there’s only one where you get to choose between four races. That would be the North Olympic Discovery Marathon (and half marathon, and 10k, and 5k). Besides those four races, they also have a marathon relay, marathon walk, and a kids’ race. I’m pretty sure that Victoria Jones, the intrepid race director, has all the possibilities covered.

Victoria Jones


You might think with all these races to organize, that a certain amount of disorganization and overlooked details would creep in, but that never seems to be the case. Charlea and I have run the North Olympic Discovery Marathon races (let’s just say NODM) for years and have always had a great time.

The finish for all the races, which also doubles as the start of the 5k, is right on the water sandwiched between the Red Lion hotel and Hollywood Beach in Port Angeles. Adjacent to the finish line is a public pier and park, which provides a great location for the post-race activities.











Let’s look at the particulars of each race. The 5k is an out-and-back on a scenic, paved trail that follows the shoreline. It is very nearly flat, with just a couple small grade changes. The 10k is a point-to-point race where you need to take a bus to the start. After a mile on the road, the course has some nice downhill sections with good views of the Olympics, combined with several miles running along the shoreline. The half marathon also involves a bus ride to the start. It follows the Olympic Discovery Trail across the countryside and through the woods until it meets up with where the 10k starts. The first half of the half marathon includes a couple of steep downhills followed by equally steep uphills. The marathon is also point-to-point, starting about 5 miles east of Sequim (yes, a bus ride is involved). It provides a pleasant tour of the countryside and of downtown Sequim, and crosses several impressive bridges, finally tying in to near where the half marathon begins.

The 5k had about 330 entrants, of which 37% were Silver Striders. The 10k proved to be the most popular amongst Silver Striders, with 41% of the 385 entrants being 50 or above. The half marathon was the largest race at about 820 entrants, 37% of whom were 50 or above. The marathon was the runt of the litter, with 20% of the 264 entrants being Silver Striders.

The evening before the races, a group of Silver Striders went out to dinner at Gordy’s, which was reported to be very good.


Your author and his wife, however, went out to the traditional pasta feed put on by the Lions Club, which is also very good. We happened to sit by a couple of older guys that mentioned they particularly liked the Rhody Run, because there seemed to be a lot of mature runners there.

The morning of the race brought lovely running weather, mostly sunny and in the low 50’s. Some of us got up early in order to catch our buses to our 7:30 race, while others got to sleep in since their race didn’t start until 8:30, and their start was a three-minute walk from the room. We all eventually made our way back to the finish line to be praised by the enthusiastic race announcer. One particularly nice touch at NODM is they have an individual volunteer meet each finisher when they’re done. The volunteer tactfully checks to make sure you’re feeling coherent, gives you something to drink, then shows you where gear check is and where to find food and so forth. You find that you really appreciate them when you aren’t all that coherent.

After the race, NODM always has a fine spread of food, including one of my favorites, salty chicken noodle soup. The post-race food basically is lunch for the day. They also have a live band playing, and a beer garden with the first beer included in the price of the race. Age group awards are handed out promptly; in recent years the age group awards have been nice engraved wood plaques.


Great weather, great runs, great food, music & beer, and great friends!



                                    Jerry’s notes:

We had four more Grand Prix Series finishers following the NODM events. Ken Peper, Edythe Hulet, Artne Hales, and John Phillips, completed their 8th Grand Prix Series race for 2019.

Ken Peper

Edythe Hulet

Arne Hales

John Phillips








Molly Childs

Molly Childs had a big day. She finished her 100th Grand Prix Series race gaining entry to the Century Club. Molly also won the Women’s 80-84 age division in the 5k. Her recent training paid off as she took a whopping 9 minutes off of her TOP IO 5k time. This moved her up in the TOP IO rankings to #2.








                             Results in photos by Bruce Fisher





















After the race some of us celebrated Allen walker’s birthday at Sergio’s Hacienda Restaurant in Port Angeles. A beautiful cake was provided by Steve and Patty Husko.

Photo courtesy of Steve Husko


Indiana Ramsdell

5k start
























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