9/24 Renton ParkRun 5k

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xxxxxxxxxx Renton ParkRun 5k

by Jerry Dietrich

With photos by Bruce Fisher

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Nice weather brought out the largest Silver Strider turnout yet at the Renton ParkRun 5k.

Of the 61 finishers, 41 were Silver Striders. Additionally, 21 of the 41 finishers were entered in the Crown Jewel Series.

Larry Larsen and Kent Sizer completed their 5th series race to become series finishers. That brings our current finisher total to 12. We still have 6 races left in the series and you only need to finish 5 to qualify as a finisher.

Our current progress indicates that when the series ends in December, we should have close to 30 series finishers receiving crown jewel trophies.

Thank you to the 12 runners listed as Silver Striders in the results. We need better public relations to attract younger runners (50-59) to participate in our various series and programs. Thanks also to those who ran in Silver Strider shirts. They were, Diane Martin, Louise Mihay, Diane Johnson, Karen Lichtenstein, Edythe Hulet, Bob Davies, and Larry Larsen.

The first Silver Striders to finish were Preston Briggs and Chris Chang.

The amazing Preston was competing in the 65-69 age group and bested all the males except one by finishing 20:08 good for second overall. Male Silver Striders took 7 of the top 10 spots overall. On Preston’s heels were Igor Velichko 20:51 (1st 55-59 age group), Keith Lerew 22:11 (1st 60-64 age group), Kent Sizer 22:24 (1st 65-69 age group) and Jeff Westhead 24:15 (1st 50-54 age group.


xxxxxxx Here are the results in photos by Bruce Fisher


Renton ParkRun post-race breakfast