2022 Silver Strider Awards Party

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x xxxThe Silver Strider Awards Party

June 25, 2022 – Tacoma

The annual Silver Strider Awards Party was held on Saturday, June 25th at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma. It was the 12th anniversary of this event which honors runners and walkers 50 years of age and older.

This year, we would be recognizing those who had competed in three separate Silver Strider programs: The 10k Championship which was held at the Rhody Run in May, the 2021 Tortoise and Hare Handicap Series and the 2022 Grand Prix Mini Series.

Guests began arriving for the noon luncheon early and noticed that the banquet room was decorated with clever and artful centerpieces provided by Nancy Larsen. Nancy has fulfilled the task of decorating the party tables each year and her talent never disappoints.

At the head of the room, tables displaying this year’s trophies captured attention. The Tortoise and Hare awards were unique featuring a gold rabbit and a couple of turtles competing in a race. On a table next to these trophies, stunning loving cups for the Grand Prix Series were lined up in a dazzling display.

A separate table was set up to display an incredible number of prizes for the random drawing held each year. Charlea Sherman was once again in charge of putting together the fun and much coveted assortment of prizes. Though Charlea was unable to attend the party this year, she asked Sandra Madden to serve as the prize drawing chairperson.

Other volunteers helped make the event a success. Diane Martin was in charge of distributing the trophies and Nancy Larsen took on the task of distributing the gift certificates. This was no small feat as there were almost 60 trophies and gift certificates to be presented.

Our mainstay, Bruce Fisher, was in charge of photography and handled sign-ups for the upcoming Crown Jewel Series, as well.

For those who have attended previous Awards parties in the past, perhaps the biggest surprise was the presence of a new emcee – Molly Childs.

Sandra Madden, Nancy Larsen, Molly Childs and Diane Martin

Molly graciously assumed the role of emcee when Jerry Dietrich retired from the role because of a back injury. Molly’s background as a Toastmaster made her an ideal candidate for the job.

Molly called the proceedings to order a few minutes past noon. She introduced the volunteers and acknowledged our sponsors. Then she adjourned for lunch.

Shortly after 1:00 p.m. Molly reconvened the festivities and began the awards portion of the party.

xxxxxxxxxx The Silver Strider 10k Championship Awards
The Rhody Run was designated the 10k Championship race for 2022.

Each recipient receiving their award at the party received a beautiful trophy and a $50 gift certificate from Super Jock n Jill. Those honored were Karen Lichtenstein who won a close competition in the Women’s 75-79 division. Ed Heckard who smoked his competition in the Men’s 75-79 group. Esther Conway, the winner of the Women’s 80-84 age group. Esther completed the Rhody Run for the 10th time. This was her second Gold medal. Dick Conway completed his 13th Rhody Run and was awarded his first (long overdue) gold medal.

2022 10k Champions are (l to r) Karen Lichtenstein (W75-79), Ed Heckard (M75-79), Esther Conway (W80-84) and Dick Conway (M85-89).


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Tortoise and Hare Series Awards

Smiling, happy, female Tortoise and Hare finishers. 1st place Patty Husko (3rd from left in back)

Smiling? Happy? male Tortoise and Hare finishers. 1st place Arne Hales (3rd from right)

All Tortoise and Hare Series finishers received a trophy and a gift certificate from Super Jock n Jill.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Grand Prix Mini Series Awards

Here are the age group finishers. Each received a trophy and a gift certificate from Super Jock n Jill.

Molly Childs W80-84

Jerry Bronson M80-84

Left to right: W75-79 – Diane Johnson, Karen Lichtenstein, Gretchen Ramsdell M75-79 – Arne Hales, Dave Anderson

Left to right: W70-74 & M70-74 – Nancy Larsen, Dennis Zaborac, Sandra Madden, Nick Bailey, Diane Martin

Left to right: W65-69 & M65-69 – Tiare Bailey, Steve Husko, Patty Husko

W60-64 – Audrey Kirkwood


Shown below are the 1st place age division winners. Each Division winner received a trophy and a pair of running shoes from South Sound Running. Special commendation to Judy Fisher and Louise Mihay, who finished with perfect scores of 80 points.

1st place Men 85-89, Jerry Dietrich

1st place Men 80-84 Larry Larsen

1st place M75-79 John Phillips

1st place M70-74 John Marsteller

1st place M65-69 Kent Sizer

1st place M60-64 Karl Johnson

1st place W80-84 Louise Mihay

1st place W75-79 Judy Fisher

1st place W70-74 Marsha Murray

1st place W65-69 Charlea Sherman

1st place W60-64 Kimmer Muenz

1st place W50-54 Tracy Holly

When all of the Grand Prix Mini Series awards had been presented, Molly introduced Sandra Madden who was in charge of the prize drawings. Some levity was injected into the drawings when Sandra drew the final ticket with her own number.

At the conclusion of the awards and prizes, Molly announced that the Silver Strider magazine was giving a special award to Bruce Fisher for his outstanding contributions during the past year. Bruce was surprised and delighted when Molly presented him with a gift certificate for a pair of running shoes from South Sound Running.

Our thanks to all the Silver Striders who participated in the programs this past year, to all of the volunteers who helped make the event a success and, especially to Molly for her outstanding job as emcee of the 12th annual Silver Strider Awards Party.