The 2020 Christmas Rush

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      The Christmas Rush 5k & 10k

by Ray Arrington

Hope you all are doing well under our present circumstances. It has been a very challenging year to say the least. I am honored that I get to share my personal experience with this years’ virtual Christmas Rush with all of you. 

I ran the very first Christmas Rush with my high school buddies Glenn and Gary Bearson. I believe Bob Davies, along with some of you, were there also.

To add more of a personal touch, I vividly remember the ball fields, parking lot and city shops are now on the land of the truck farm that I, Glen and Gary worked on thru high school.

Now back to running. I used to only run the 10k as I felt the distance was challenging. Being a Clydesdale,  fast miles were never my thing. I smile when I think of past Christmas Rush runs. PE teacher Mike Hominda, with 200 plus children and their parents from Pine Tree Elementary at the starting line.

Thank you  Dennis Zaborac and Kent Parks for sponsoring and encouraging our youngest participants.

XXXXXDennis Zaborac

From the beginning, this run has grown. You have to get there early now to find parking. That is a compliment to Mark Hendrickson, his Kent Parks staff and sponsors. 

Mark Hendrickson – Kent Parks

Now let’s get this virtual race started. The course of my choice is the Christmas Rush 5k course. Fair warning to you all. I plan on passing everyone of you during my run. There will be no mercy for any of you over the next 39-44 minutes.

This is my one and only opportunity to cross the finish line first. I will be dammed if I am going to pass it up. No, I am not going to line up at front of the starting line with you speedsters. I am going to line up last and give you all a running chance.

Start Line

Wow! It is cold this morning. I better run a 5 mile warm up. Okay, at least 1/2 mile. During my warm up I see a lot of Silver Striders, neighbors and friends here. One minute to go! I better make my way to the back.

Oh darn it, I forgot the group picture again!  I will ask Bruce to photo-shop me in after the race.

The gun goes off, and I start running with my mission at hand. I turn on Meeker street already in the middle of the pack. As I go over the bridge, I turn on Frager Rd and pick up my pace.

Wow, mile one already in the books. I have passed Judy, Audrey, Charlea and Tiare. Bob Davies and Nancy Larsen are on my tail. I see that Alan has grown a beard. Now, I am passing Arne and John. Before I get to the turnaround I see Steve Husko, Tim Oguri, Kent Sizer, Keith Lerew, Dave Sherman, and Dave Crawford running hard.

I round the turnaround and see Louise, Gretchen, Steve, Marsha, Larry, Dave A ( the tall Dave). The other Dave A must be in front of me. I see Patty Husko, and I hope she brought her fudge. I love her fudge!  I hit the 2 mile mark and have now caught up to the leaders. Karen L is having a great run today as I just glide past her.

I just remembered seeing Dennis Zaborac and Sandra Madden. They never run this run. They are always handing out Christmas stockings to the kids at the finish line. Half mile to go and only three runners in front of me. I better turn on the super cat speed now (as my grandsons tell me to do).

I make my last turn to the finish in first place. I’m  running full speed to cross that finish line. Flash is there to take my picture.

Wait a minute. Where are all the spectators and ropes to the chute. Where is Dennis Zaborac’s table full of stockings? Where is Flash? I am alone and no one is here. I know I finished first today. I do not know how I did it running 12:40 minute miles. My finishing time was 39:26.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWxxxxxxxxWxxxxxWelcome to 2020 and my virtual run!


After the run I take a picture of a group of runners ready to do their own virtual Christmas Rush 5k. One of the runners is Sally,  a Christmas Rush legend! Happy Holiday!


Jerry’s notes: The Grand Prix Series for 2020 has ended with the Christmas Rush. Our final finisher is Jeff Brown.

Our total of 37 finishers is quite good under the circumstances. The final “GP Standings” will be posted on December 23rd. 

Race Results
Grand Prix Players Only

MEN 5k

Ken Peper 23:28
Brett Langlois 48:34

Dave Sherman 25:10
Jeff Brown 29:09

Ray Arrington 39:26

Arne Hales 28:24
Robert Davies 40:53
Steve Ramsdell 42:47

Larry Larsen 59:59

Jerry Dietrich 46:26


Cherie Langlois

Audrey Kirkwood 36:34

Charlea Sherman 28:58
Marsha Murray 42:00
Patty Husko 50:03

Karen Lichtenstein 29:49
Nanci Larsen 37:27

Judy Fisher 27:28
Gretchen Ramsdell 42:10
Betty Dietrich 61:22
Sandi Newman 65:45

Louise Mihay 34:00
Edythe Hulet 50:41


MEN 10k

Allen Walker 1:10:34

Kent Sizer 42:42
Steve Husko 56:01

Nick Bailey 63:01


Tiare Bailey 62:49

PxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPHOTO SUBMISSIONS

Photos Below: Top row left – Gretchen Ramsdell. Right – Steve Ramsdell. Middle row left – Larry Larsen. Right – Nanci Larsen. Bottom row left – Tiare Bailey. Right – Nick Bailey.

More Photos below

Bob Davies

Cherie Langlois

Brett Langlois

Ken Peper

Edythe Hulet