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2016 Super Athletes Awards Party

the Silver Strider online presents






    2016 Super Athlete’s Awards Party





By Jerry Dietrich
with Photos by Bruce Fisher


5/13/17 – Tacoma

The 7th Annual Silver Strider Awards Party was held at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma. The awards were to take place in two parts. Part one was the TOP IO Super Athlete awards. Part two was the Grand Prix Series awards.

The banquet room was packed. 











Part One – South Sound Running Super Athletes – 2016

Betty Dietrich was introduced as the Silver Strider online magazine Editor. Betty was also credited with being the catalyst for the Silver Striders by setting in motion events that would culminate in this awards party.

Bruce Fisher was introduced as Silver Strider photographer, Rewarding Runners Financial Officer, and creator of the Silver Strider Calendar.

Next the TOP IO contributors were introduced. These are the volunteers who compile the rankings. They are: Ed Heckard 5k, David Longmuir 10k, Jerry Dietrich Half, and Judy Fisher Marathon.

To gain Super Athlete status the athlete must be ranked in the TOP IO at all four distances on December 1, 2016. Only 9 athletes in the state of Washington achieved this remarkable feat.



Each of these runners was presented with a  personalized Super Athlete Ring and a gift certificate from South Sound Running.





The Super Athletes were recognized for possessing both speed and endurance. Below are the Super Athletes in order of presentation with rankings shown in parenthesis for 5k, 10k, Half, and Marathon.

Dave Sherman (6-7-6-7)

Arne Hales (1, 10, 4, 8)

Sandra Madden (4, 5, 4, 5)

Bob Hoekman (5-6-3-1)

Carol Sexton (3-4-2-2)

Mick Allen (2-4-2-1)

Ed Heckard (2-1-1-3)

Judy Fisher (1-1-2-2)

Kristen Mossman (2-1-1-1)

Super Athletes (l to r) – Mick Allen,Ed Heckard, Judy Fisher, Carol Sexton, Kristen Mossman, Ed Hoekman, Sandra Madden, Dave Sherman, Arne Hales.


























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